PUBG MOBILE Emulates CoD With Bizarre Zombie Mode & More


PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) MOBILE has a relatively big update rolling out to users now that ads some decided CoD-like flair to the title's Zombie-heavy modes via a new addition called Darkest Night, among other alterations.

The new mode is the biggest forthcoming change and builds off of PUBG's previously added Survive Till Dawn mode but this time around there's no "single chicken dinner," meaning that players aren't looking to survive to the last man — or woman — standing. The game can still be played that way but is meant to focus on building and maintaining an alliance and surviving wave after wave of zombies.

Rather than parachuting players in, users are placed at random around the map and there are three "foggy nights" to choose from. Every player will have a passive skill in the new mode. Understanding those is crucial to survive, making success far more dependant on tactical approaches rather than relying on luck or shooting skills.


But wait …there's definitely more

The original Survive Till Dawn mode was added as part of a collaboration between Capcom and PUBG Corporation as well as mobile developer Tencent Games to bring some of the former studio's items from Resident Evil 2 to PUBG MOBILE. The latest expansion with Survive Till Dawn 2 builds on that crossover too, starting with the addition of Zombie dogs in the appropriate modes.

Players will be overcome more readily by the addition of jumping zombies, on top of new zombies that can climb onto roofs or over low walls. All of that should make games more challenging for longtime players.


Offsetting the new zombies and adding a bit more realism, aside from other balancing, bug fixes, and patches, enemies will now move more slowly after taking damage from firearms. Stun Grenades can now be used to stun zombies and players will gain affixes that grant certain buffs throughout gameplay.

That all stacks with the addition of new weapons such as Liquid Nitrogen Grenades or the RPG-7 as well as changes that make handling the M134 smoother and offer better damage from Flamethrowers.

…and more


Less impactful but still meaningful changes include the addition of Survive Till Dawn quick chat messages in both Classic and Default voice packs. Players can customize their weapon's crosshairs too with different colors. That applies to the red dot, holographic, and to both 2x and 3x scopes, while the former of those now offer shape variations to the reticle too.

In the social space, "Popularity" has been added to Spaces, letting players give "LIKEs" to each other and partner up with friends that have 400 Synergy or more. Survival Till Dawn has been moved to EvoGround, which replaces Event Mode.

A spectator mode has been added so that players who don't have time to jump into the action can sit back and watch instead. That's limited to friends, Crew and Clan members


Regarding bug fixes and similar changes, budget-friendly devices should be able to access the game without quite so many issues following a patch for terrain display errors on less powerful hardware. Meanwhile, the company has opted to shift saving of past results so that those are only kept for up to a month.

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