Nubia's Next-Gen Gaming Phone Arrives April 28

Chinese smartphone maker Nubia will be peeling back the wraps on its next-generation gaming smartphone, the aptly-dubbed Red Devil Mars 3, on April 28 at the Beijing RNG E-Sports Center. That's based on a recently reshared post from the company on the Chinese social media service Weibo.

Plenty of details about the gadget have already been widely reported by various outlets, divulged by the company's smartphone general manager Ni Fei via the same site but this is the first indication that it will be arriving soon. However, the associated press image doesn't provide any major insights about the handset.

The details that we know


Key features about the latest performance-focused gadget from Nubia, as might be expected from its designation as a gaming phone, are chiefly centered around memory and its display. The latter of those is expected to have a better refresh rate than most other smartphones on the market, comparable to top-tier PC gaming displays. That should place it around the same range of specs seen in competing smartphones such as Xiaomi's Black Shark 2.

For memory, the Nubia Red Devil Mars 3 is expected to ship with a whopping 12GB RAM backing up a Qualcomm-built Snapdragon 855 SoC.

Battery life will be similarly impressive, with leaks pointing to at least 5000mAh to allow gaming at its peak without too much sacrifice in how long the device keeps going. Certifications have indicated that battery will be chargeable via up to 30W PD fast charging. So it's not necessarily going to take a long time to charge up either.


To address the cooling for that powerhouse, Nubia is expected to approach the cooling system from multiple angles. That will almost certainly including some form of 'liquid cooling' similar to what's in other high-end smartphones such as Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 or the above-mentioned Xiaomi device. Air-cooling will probably accompany that.

On Nubia's activity in North America

Reports have recently indicated that Nubia will be bringing a related Android device to North America this time around as well via a next-gen Nubia Red Magic Mars handset. There are a couple of variants on that handset expected but the version that will be brought to that region is thought to be the slightly less powerful version.


Set to be priced at a staggeringly-low $399, that doesn't mean the Android 9 Pie gadget will be weak. Not only is the Nubia Red Magic Mars expected to ship with a similar cooling to the Nubia Red Devil 3. That system will be keeping the temps low for a Snapdragon 845 SoC backed by 6GB RAM version and 64GB storage — other configurations that will be released include an 8GB RAM, 128GB storage and 10GB RAM, 256GB storage version.

That's packed behind a 6-inch FHD display and driven by a respectable 3,800 mAh capacity battery.

Since that's competing with some of the most uniquely gamer-centric smartphones on the market, geared toward being aesthetically-pleasing for hardcore gamers, there are a few quirky stylings here too. The Nubia Red Magic Mars will feature an RGB LED strip, touch-sensitive shoulder keys enabling natural interaction for intense gaming sessions, and a motor-based rumble system.


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