Lenovo Z6 Coming This Month With A Gimmicky Camera

Lenovo Z6 Pro Teaser April 10

Chinese tech firm Lenovo recently announced that it will officially launch its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Lenovo Z6 Pro, in an event that will take place in Beijing on April 23. The company previously showed off the handset at Mobile World Congress in late February, although it only provided limited information about the device itself.

However, recent teasers from the handset maker supplied details about some of the key selling points of the Lenovo Z6 Pro. According to the firm, the smartphone will feature the Snapdragon 855 chipset from Qualcomm. While this processor puts the Z6 Pro at par with other flagship smartphones from rival manufacturers, using the most powerful SoC available from Qualcomm suggests a massive boost in performance compared to the Z5 Pro that Lenovo launched late last year. Despite the similarity in the names of the two devices, the Z5 Pro targeted the upper mid-range smartphone market and featured the mid-tier Snapdragon 710 chipset.

The Snapdragon 855 chipset also allows the Lenovo Z6 Pro to feature 5G connectivity, with the inclusion of the Snapdragon X50 modem. However, like other manufacturers, it is possible that Lenovo may launch a non-5G model of the handset, which may sell at a cheaper price point.


Lenovo also detailed the camera features of the Z6 Pro. One of them, called the HyperVision camera feature, may allow the handset to capture images with a resolution of 100-megapixels. It is not yet clear how the smartphone can shoot 100-megapixel photographs, although it is possible that the device may use software algorithms rather than specialized image sensors to achieve this effect.

Moreover, the camera of the Z6 Pro also offers features like night mode, image stabilization, and super slow-motion video recording, and it is likely that one of the imaging modules of the smartphone ships with an ultra-wide-angle lens. Meanwhile, the Hyper Video functionality allows for faster transmission of video, likely over 5G networks.

Lenovo also showed off an image of the handset’s rear panel, which revealed that the camera of the handset is located at the upper left corner of the back panel and beside the shooter is the LED flash. The image provided by the handset maker further confirms that the Z6 Pro will not be a rebrand of the Z5 Pro GT that the company announced in December 2018.


Aside from the features already detailed by Lenovo in earlier teasers, recent teasers show that the Z6 Pro will feature wireless charging. Given the design of its predecessor, it is likely that the Z6 Pro will feature a display with no bezels, notch, or display cutouts. To achieve this design, the smartphone may use a sliding mechanism that holds the front-facing camera, and the device may also feature an in-display fingerprint scanner.

More information about the specifications, pricing, and availability of the handset will become available as Lenovo officially launches the Z6 Pro on April 23. It is interesting to see if Lenovo will offer 5G and non-5G variants of the device, given that not all consumers will have access to 5G networks in the foreseeable future.