Secure Your Passwords With LastPass For $3/Month

Almost daily, we hear about another site or company getting hacked and our login information is available on the dark web. This is a big reason why many security experts say that we need to use different passwords for each account, and also use tougher passwords to keep them secured. But who can remember all of these different passwords? Luckily, you don't need too. LastPass is one of the best password managers out there, and you can secure your online identity for just $3 per month.

LastPass has a number of pretty useful features. It can of course save all of your accounts in a vault that is secured behind military-grade encryption. But that's not all. LastPass can also generate new passwords for you. So you can keep your accounts safe, behind a pretty tough and complicated password.

Outside of keeping your accounts safe, LastPass can also secure your credit and debit card information. Making it easier to shop online, and definitely safer than having your browser store that information. Lastly, LastPass also has 'Secure Notes', which are basically notes that you can take, and leave in LastPass where they are secured. This is great for jotting things down like a combination to a locker, or your PIN number and such.

LastPass works on virtually every single platform you can think of. From desktop operating systems to mobile operating systems and even browsers. LastPass makes it very simple to login to your accounts on every platform. Just tap the LastPass button in the username or password box and it'll show you accounts that might work for that app or website. Just tap them and it automatically fills it in. On mobile, things are a bit easier, because you can authenticate yourself with your fingerprint. Making it almost instant to login to all of your apps.

There's no real limit as to how many logins you can have stored in LastPass. Many people have hundreds if not thousands of accounts stored in LastPass and never run out of space. However, there is a limit for the Secure Notes. It is set at 1GB, which is going to be plenty of space, since most secure notes are only a few kilobytes in size. Though it's important to note that Secure Notes is only part of the Premium plan from LastPass, and not the free one.

Now, LastPass is actually free, and you can use the free version without any issues. But if you really want to take full advantage of its service, it is going to cost you $3 per month. That's just $36 per year, and definitely worth it, when you think about how much of a hassle it can be when your accounts get hacked into. You can sign up now for a free trial of LastPass, which lasts about 30 days. In that time, you can try out LastPass Premium which is $3 per month, and see if it's something you need.

You can sign up for a free trial of LastPass using the link below.

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