HOM Exodus Released: Premium Sound With An Eco-Friendly Twist

House of Marley Exodus Collage 1

House of Marley on Tuesday launched the Exodus, the first addition to its 2019 audio portfolio that combines premium sound with the promise of a sustainable future continuously pursued by Project Marley, an internal initiative meant to ensure the Los Angeles-based company is sustainable in the long term.

The Exodus package is meant to deliver a premium listening experience in every sense; its 30-hour battery is one of the longest-lasting cells in the category, whereas its earbuds have been designed for the purpose of remaining comfortable even after hours-long audio playback sessions. The gadget is charged via a USB Type-C port and is described as extremely energy-efficient due to unprecedented optimizations. That selling point doesn’t just ensure a battery that can outlast the vast majority of its contemporary rivals by a significant margin but also guarantees one that will degrade much slower relative to its peers, precisely because it won’t be charged as often.

The American electronics manufacturer doubled down on the energy efficiency aspect of the Exodus by also integrating fast charging support into the gadget, allowing it to go from no charge to a full battery in approximately two hours. As is customary in this price segment, the Exodus also features a 3.5mm audio jack and comes with an aux cable, just in case you somehow manage to run out of battery or prefer maximum audio quality over the convenience of a wire-free listening experience. As an added bonus, the cable in question is braided, thus being extremely resilient to physical damage.


Originally announced at Las Vegas-based CES in January, House of Marley’s Exodus uses 50mm hi-definition drivers and earbuds equipped with memory foam which adjusts to the shape of one’s earlobes and keeps its form over prolonged periods for maximum comfort. An integrated microphone array is part of the package, allowing hands-free calling and support for voice commands.

Every year, House of Marley donates to One Tree Planted based on how it fared on the market over the previous twelve months. The more it sells, the higher its donation so as to account for its energy footprint and other ways wherein it affects nature. One doesn’t need to do a lot of analysis to figure out what the most impactful such activity is seeing how may House of Marley headphones, speakers, and other gadgets are made of wood.


However, in cooperation with One Tree Planted, the company has so far also planted 168,000 trees throughout the United States, according to the non-profit’s estimate. That amounts to over 10,000 trees per year and ensures House of Marley is deep in the eco-friendly side of the consumer electronics equation.

House of Marley is now selling the Exodus directly from its online storefront, in addition to offering its latest pair of Bluetooth headphones via Amazon. The over-the-ear headphones are presently only available for purchase in the United States, priced at $199.99, thus being the most expensive device in its maker’s portfolio by quite a margin. A company representative told Android Headlines there are no immediate plans aimed at bringing the Exodus to Europe or any other market. Despite delivering high-end audio solutions for about 18 years now, House of Marley is still a brand that’s rarely encountered outside of its home country.

While that (lack of a) distribution strategy certainly limited the firm’s revenue potential, it also helped it nurture an image of an elusive, luxurious tech provider whose products continue to radiate with a mysterious aura resulting from a blend of traditional materials and contemporary electronics.

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