Google Play Celebrating Final Game of Thrones Season With Steep Discounts

Game of Thrones Sale AH Illustration

The Google Play Store is commemorating the beginning of the final Game of Thrones season with steep discounts on a wide variety of digital goods based on the A Song Of Ice And Fire, the epic saga authored by George R.R. Martin that has yet to be concluded in its original, book format.

Regardless of how long Martin takes to finally wrap up the final two books that are looking more and more likely to evolve into three or more books, you can catch up with the original series at a discount as the first book and an all-time cult classic, Game of Thrones, is now available at 70-percent off. At the same time, the Google Play Store is still offering a collection of ASOIAF audiobooks for those who prefer listening over reading or just don’t have the luxury of time to do the latter and have to multitask, even while enjoying entertainment. The Game of Thrones digital book deal will be available from Friday to Monday, April 12th through 15th.

At the same time, the GoT-themed spin-off of indie strategy hit Reigns, straightforwardly called Reigns: Game of Thrones, is available at a 30-percent discount April 10th trhough 17th.


Android Headlines recently delivered an in-depth look at the said game in order to commemorate the launch of its Android version, concluding it’s easily worth the full price tag due to the sheer volume of content and tactical complexity it offers, among other things. It’s also a treat for fans of the series who love to speculate and theorize about its lore and future developments, with many of its outcomes being taken straight out of the wildest (but also some of the most impressive) pieces of fan fiction stemming from the franchise. While most are unlikely to end up being non-canon, a number of secret endings of Reigns: Game of Thrones seem eerily similar to scenarios Martin himself alluded to in the past, albeit this article doesn’t exist to spoil any of those.

Finally, the previous seasons of the hit TV series have been treated to steep discounts as well and will all be half off starting from tomorrow, April 9th, through the following Thursday, April 18th.

As none of the newly announced discounts are live as of this writing, the links contained herein won’t work until the sales they’re leading to actually start.


Yet another treat for Game of Thrones fans who happen to be Android users are behind-the-scenes interviews with some of the shows biggest stars that Google is debuting today; delivering talks with Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), and Isaac Hempstead Wright (Brandon Stark). The media artm of Alphabet’s subsidiary isn’t advertising these interviews as exclusive content, though it appears that’s precisely what they are, at least for the time being.

The eight and final season of Game of Thrones debuts on HBO next Sunday, April 14th. Fans of the show can watch it live using the HBO GO and HBO Now apps, provided they don’t already have access to the main HBO channel as part of some cord-cutting or cable TV bundle.