Google I/O App Updated For 2019; All Aboard The Hype Train

Google I O 2019 App AM AH 1

The Google I/O app has just been updated for 2019, and just in time. Considering Google I/O kicks off in less than two weeks, on May 7 running through May 9.

Google has brought a few changes to the Google I/O 2019 app this year, adding the ability to add individual events to your personal calendar. This allows you to receive notifications before events begin. That way you won’t miss an event, and can get in line before it fills up. Google has also added the ability to search through Google I/O content by sessions, topics and speakers. Making it easier than ever to find sessions to attend.

With that, Google has also updated the I/O website. You will be able to use the home page to view key conference moments, upcoming events and receive important announcements. You also have the ability to explore I/O with your camera, and it’ll show you where things like events, food, bathrooms and more are, using augmented reality. It should be pretty similar to the augmented reality that is in Google Maps.


If you have any questions for Google I/O, you can submit them through tonight. The Q&A will close tonight at 11:59PM PST. These questions can help direct session content at I/O. This would give Google a better idea at what attendees are looking to get out of different sessions and such. You can submit questions by signing into the I/O website or app and then clicking on any question, then click on the Q&A link to add a question.

Google I/O 2019 will be kicking off in less than two weeks, and it’s looking like Google has a lot of things to show off this year. As always, we are expecting a new beta, this time for Android Q. Unlike in previous years, it’ll be the third beta instead of the second beta. We are also expecting to see the much anticipated Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL devices announced. In fact, Google has already teased that there’s a big Pixel announcement happening on May 7 – the day Google I/O kicks off. And of course, Google always has a ton of other fun things to show off at I/O in the keynote. Chrome will likely be a heavy focus, and Stadia will also likely get a nod or two. Seeing as there are already some sessions listed for Stadia.

The opening keynote takes place on May 7 at 10AM PST, it’ll last around two hours or so, which isn’t too bad. Considering keynotes have run a lot longer at previous Google I/O events. Google recently, started splitting up the keynotes. So you have the keynote announcing everything first, then after lunch there is the Developer Keynote, which is a keynote that is more geared towards developers. So there’s more code being done in there. Which for non-developers, that would be a pretty boring couple of hours. So it’s nice that it is separate now.


You can download the Google I/O 2019 app from Google Play using the link below. It’s mostly for those going to Google I/O, but it also works well for those that aren’t attending but still want to follow along.