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Most of you probably purchased gifts a number of times every year, and a good amount of those gifts come from online shops. Sure, you can always go to Amazon or eBay to purchase someone a gift, and then package it the way you want once it arrives. There are some dedicated services for that available in the market, and you can access them by installing Android apps from the Play Store.

In this article, we will list some gift-giving applications that we've stumbled upon, and which do seem to be up to standard. Do keep in mind that we did not have a chance to try out all of these services, though, but most of them seem to be rather popular. Before we get started, please do note that apps listed down below are not laid out in any specific way, just because one app is listed in front of the other doesn't mean anything.

Free Gift Card Generator


Free Gift Card Generator is exactly what its name says it is. If you want to give someone a gift card, this application will help you get your hands on one. There are a ton of shops that you can generate gift cards for, including the most popular ones, Amazon, Spotify, Game Stop, Google Play, eBay, PlayStation, and so on. This application is actually quite straightforward, though it does come with ads, so keep that in mind.

Free Gift Card Generator (Play Store)



Guusto is an app that lets you select your gift, and its value, before allowing you to add a personal message to send along with it. Once you do that, a person that you sent the gift to, will be notified that it can redeem its gift at any partner venue. This is actually a rather useful service if you'd like to reward your employees, thank someone for their help, or simply surprise one of your friends / family members. Do note that Guusto's gifts are focused on lunches, drinks, and so on, these are not your traditional gifts. The app does work great, and if you want to surprise someone, this is a nice way to do it.


Guusto (Play Store)



Giftbuster is essentially an app that allows you to create a gift registry, and then purchase all the items that you've added to the list. You can use it for your own personal shopping as well, of course, but it's mainly created for assembling gift registry lists. For example, you can create a gift list for a wedding, or a baby shower, and then simply send that list to whoever is doing to attend, so that you don't get unwanted gifts or anything of the sort. That may not be a custom in specific regions, but it's a great way to ensure that you won't need to return gifts or anything of the sort, and it's common practice in some regions. You can also raise money for your dream gift via this app, and so on, there are many uses for Giftbuster.

Giftbuster (Play Store)



Yaioa is a gift-giving service which allows you to send gifts across the globe, and you can do it via their phone number or e-mail. The best thing of all, gifts sent via Yaioa can be redeemed in-store, at home or in cash. You can also receive gifts via this application, and the app also has the "Secret Sender" option, so that you can stay anonymous, if that's what you want, for whatever reason. There are a number of additional options in this app, while the app itself is well designed.

Yaioa (Play Store)



Gyft is a service for sending gift cards. There are hundreds of gift card options to choose from, including retailers like Starbucks, Sephora, Nordstrom, and more. This app also allows you to record a video message and send it with the gift card in order to make it more personal. Gyft also allows you to purchase gift cards, and then schedule their delivery, just so you don't forget. Gift cards can be redeemed in stores, using nothing else but your phone, while you can purchase gift cards using major credit cards, PayPal, and even Bitcoin.


Gyft (Play Store)

1800Flowers is a great app to use if someone you love likes flowers, as flowers are a great gift for mother's day, for example. This app is not strictly limited to flowers, though, as you can purchase some extra gifts on the side, like a box of chocolates, for example. This app delivers gifts to 195 countries around the world, so you can basically use it to send gifts wherever you want, and it's really painless to use. (Play Store)

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