Ghostek LOOP Is A Solid PopSocket Alternative Priced At $9.98

In addition to cases for various devices, Ghostek also sells various other products, like these interesting, small smartphone accessories that attach to the back of your smartphone, or smartphone case.

Just to be clear, we’ve avoided the word “PopSocket” on purpose, even though this product is actually quite similar to PopSockets. This accessory is called Ghostek LOOP, and it attached to the back of your phone (case) identically to a PopSocket, but it doesn’t pop out. Instead, it comes with a finger strap that is constantly accessible.

The Ghostek LOOP will provide you a better grip, similar to a PopSocket, as you can put your finger through that strap on the back in order to make sure the phone doesn’t fall out of your hand. This may even be a better solution than a PopSocket, as you can adjust your grip while your finger remains attached to the finger strap on the back, while a more notable adjustment is necessary when PopSockets are concerned.

The Ghostek LOOP also comes with a built-in magnet for magnetic car mounts, so that you can easily mount your smartphone while you’re driving, in case you need it for navigation purposes, or you simply need a place to put it while you’re driving.

That’s not all, though, much like PopSockets, the Ghostek LOOP also comes with a built-in kickstand. You can pop out that kickstand at any time, just in case you need to prop up your phone for whatever reason, like watching movies or any other media content.

This product is actually extremely thin, so it won’t add much bulk to your phone, and you can remove it at any time, and then use it later on. As already mentioned, it’s similar to PopSockets in many ways, and that is one of them.

The Ghostek LOOP accessory comes in a number of different editions, including Solid, Camo, Carbon, Marble, Floral, and Checked variants. You can check out all of those variants in the gallery down below, and as you can see, the difference comes to the finger strap itself, different variants bring different patterns.

Solid series, for example, is either all-black or all-red, depending on the model you get, while the checkered edition product includes a checkered pattern on the finger strap. These are only some examples, as almost every variant that we’ve mentioned comes in a number of color options, so you plenty to choose from.

A single Ghostek LOOP accessory is priced at $9.98, and shipping for the US is free of charge. 60-day return policy applies, according to Ghostek’s website, and you’re also getting a warranty with your product. If you’re interested in any of the Ghostek LOOP products, take your pick from the link down below.

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