25W Fast Charging May Be Coming To All Samsung Galaxy S10 Models

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus AH NS 14

According to Ice Universe, a well-known tipster, Samsung may actually offer faster charging for the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+. The tipster claims that the President of “Samsung Greater China” said that, as in that the company is considering that option. On top of that, Samsung’s exec also allegedly said that the company is developing “handheld super night mode for the Galaxy S10 series”.

This info may confuse some of you, as most of you are probably wondering how can a company increase charging speed on existing phones. Well, the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ offer 15W fast wired charging (Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0), which is fast charging that the company has been including along with its flagship phones for quite some time now, for too long, many would say, as its competitors offer much faster charging, more on that later.

You may notice that we did not mention the Galaxy S10 5G when talking about the Galaxy S10 series that supports 15W wired charging, that’s because the Galaxy S10 5G will offer faster charging than that. Samsung had announced back in February that the Galaxy S10 5G will support 25W fast wired charging, which will be considerably faster than the 15W one included in other Galaxy S10 phones.


The tipster claims that in the Galaxy S10’s case, the hardware is not an obstacle for 25W charging, as it is enabled on the Galaxy S10 5G, and theoretically other Galaxy S10 phones may gain that same ability via a firmware update, as hardware predispositions are already there. That would require consumers to buy a 25W fast charging brick, though, if Samsung opts to release 25W fast charging for those devices via a firmware update.

Many people have expected Samsung to offer faster charging with the Galaxy S10 series, and yet Samsung opted for Quick Charge 2.0 yet again. In comparison, the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro offer 22.5W and 40W fast charging, respectively. The Xiaomi Mi 9 ships with 27W charging (Quick Charge 4+), while OPPO’s VOOC 3.0 fast charging is also much faster than Samsung’s 15W charging, same goes for OnePlus’ Warp Charge.

It is a real mystery why Samsung did not enable 25W charging for the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ from the get-go, as that’s something you’d expect out of a flagship smartphone, especially if it doesn’t offer stellar battery life. Don’t get us wrong, the Galaxy S10 series battery life is good, but having faster battery charging when needed is always a useful option, and even a necessary one nowadays.


Now, as far as “Super Night Mode” is concerned, that will probably be Samsung’s dedicated camera night mode that you will be able to toggle on in the camera settings, same as with Google Pixel 3’s Night Sight, and OnePlus’ Nightscape, for example. We’re only guessing, though.

Samsung’s executive did not say when these features may become available on the Galaxy S10 series, though, according to the tipster, Samsung is currently “considering including them”, so nothing is certain just yet, which essentially means that we’ll probably have to wait a bit longer, if Samsung opts to release such features at all.