Two Leather Cases For The Galaxy Fold Confirmed By Retailer

Samsung Galaxy Fold Wide Render 3 25 2019 Light Enhanced

Online retailer Mobile Fun confirmed that Samsung Electronics will release at least two cases for its foldable smartphone offering, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This new information confirms earlier reports which claim that the handset maker will sell black and white cases for the Galaxy Fold.

According to the retail outlet, the two accessories will retail for $119.99, which is around 50-percent more expensive compared to other first-party protective cases from the South Korean tech giant.

In addition to confirming that Samsung will release first-party cases for the Galaxy Fold, the retailer also stated that the cases from the South Korean tech giant will be made from leather. While the online retailer did not provide images of these leather cover cases, previous reports already described how accessories may look like.


Earlier articles suggest that the cases are composed of two separate pieces, and the accessories will likely not cover the hinge of the handset. Moreover, previous rumors also mention that the leather cover case will have cutouts that would accommodate the cameras, the smaller non-flexible display, and the speaker grill. The product pages for the leather cases further state that the accessories will attach to the back of the original cover of the Galaxy Fold and these covers will not substantially add bulk to the handset.

Interestingly enough, the product page for the cases of the Galaxy Fold says that the accessories also include cutouts for the S-Pen stylus even though the handset itself does not feature stylus support.

Aside from the leather case, Samsung will reportedly include a free cover with the handset, although the company will likely manufacture the accessory using a different material. Furthermore, there is a possibility that Samsung may release additional color variants of its leather cases, in addition to the black and white options that Mobile Fun already confirmed. Moreover, recent rumors suggest that the South Korean tech giant may also include a pair of wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds.


Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold back in late February, although the handset will only become available to consumers starting on April 26th, more than two months after the initial announcement by the South Korean tech giant. However, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy Fold will only be available in limited quantities, but the company did not specify how many units of the device that it will produce.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold features the Snapdragon 855 chipset from the American semiconductor firm Qualcomm, and it sports two displays. The smaller, non-flexible display has a size of 4.6-inches and an aspect ratio of 21:9, while the larger foldable screen has a size of 7.3-inches and an aspect ratio of 16:10. Moreover, the handset will feature 12GB of RAM, 512GB of internal flash storage, and a total of six cameras.

Mobile Fun highlighted the considerably high price of first-party accessories for the Galaxy Fold compared to similar cases for other devices from Samsung Electronics. The increased pricing of these cases may reflect the costs associated with designing the accessories and additional materials needed to protect the other parts of the handset.