Fuse Chicken UNIVERSAL Review: The 2019 Travel Charger


Deciding on a new power bank in 2019 is a choice that comes down to several factors. Do you move a lot and require something highly portable? Have multiple devices to charge? Want the convenience of fast wireless charging?

If you answered "yes" to all three of those questions, your options are rather slim, but there's a new one worth considering as of recently – the Fuse Chicken UNIVERSAL All-In-One Travel Charger.

"Universal" in every sense


It's not every day that I'd recommend a piece of tech with the word "chicken" in its name but this Ohio-based company appears to have checked all of the boxes with its latest power bank, strange product naming practices notwithstanding.

This piece of tech is equipped with a USB Type-C and Type-A port, a small LED display whose single purpose is to serve as an indicator of remaining battery life, an integrated coil enabling wireless charging, and a modular corner where your power adapter of choice is meant to sit. If you travel a lot and often hop between continents, you're bound to find this feature extremely convenient as a five-second module switch makes the Fuse Chicken UNIVERSAL compatible with virtually every plug type in existence.

Every UNIVERSAL unit is bundled with US, EU, UK, and AU plugs, as well as a simple cloth bag for carrying the device and its accessories. The plethora of output options ties in well with the capacity of 6,700mAh that makes the Fuse Chicken UNIVERSAL more than capable of topping up your tablet or laptop once, or recharging most contemporary smartphones two times.


The USB Type-C output is compatible with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology (18W), whereas the device's wireless energy transfer support is rated at 10W, which fits the definition of "fast wireless charging" and should work with most of today's Qi-enabled electronics.

In essence, a combination of the Fuse Chicken UNIVERSAL (with an appropriate power adapter attached) and a single USB cable of your choice can have you covered on all charging fronts on a single trip. "Universal," indeed.

Another key selling point of the gadget is its robust build and highly compact nature which tie in well with the versatility aspect of Fuse Chicken's pitch.


(Un)available as of right now

Arguably the biggest flaw of the Fuse Chicken UNIVERSAL has nothing to do with the product itself but the company's distribution practices; namely, the power bank can currently only be purchased directly from the Ohio-based firm (granted, via Amazon) and while Fuse Chicken does offer international shipping, that often means incurring extra costs if you're outside of the United States.

You're also advised to inform yourself about your country's lithium battery regulations before placing an order as some deliveries may simply be legally impossible, though Fuse Chicken at least guarantees a full refund in those scenarios.


Not accounting for those potential complications, the $84.95 price tag attached to the UNIVERSAL is acceptable. Nothing to write home about, sure, but quality doesn't come cheap and quality is definitely what Fuse Chicken is offering with its latest travel charger.

All things considered, this is a true 2019 power bank and a great sign of things to come if Fuse Chicken's newest offering ends up being followed by similarly capable rivals this spring, which seems likely.

Buy Fuse Chicken All-In-One Travel Charger (Amazon)

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