DapIt Is The Best New App To Keep Track Of Your E-Gift Cards, Find Cool Stuff, And Much More


It's fair to say that the writing is on the wall for physical gift cards. We don't expect to see them vanish in the immediate future, and sales are actually increasing right now, but in the long run they can't possibly compete with electronic gift cards.

DapIt is the latest app to enter the e-card fray, and it looks like a winner. Not only does it allow merchants to generate gift cards, and customers to redeem them, but it adds a social network to the equation to encourage purchases and make life easier all round.

Let's hop into the customer's shoes first. DapIt will let you buy and send electronic gift cards, and keep the ones you receive in a sort of digital wallet. Gone are the days of accidentally throwing gift cards away or losing them down the back of the sofa.


And when it comes to buying gift cards for friends, you'll have a network of fellow consumers to consult on the best local shops and restaurants. You can even pick up the bill through the app.

For merchants, DapIt is a no-brainer of a gift card solution. With no contracts and minimal transaction fees, it undercuts all of its competitors.

But it's not just a simple gift card platform. It lets you add branding too, so that you can ensure your business stands out, even if you don't have any branding experience yourself. DapIt has its own team of creatives who can supply logos and dispense branding wisdom.


"We created DapIt with small to medium growing businesses in mind," reveals DapIt developer Cesar Torres of Studios-23rd Street. "As a business owner, you're always looking for new ways to increase your sales, and gift cards are one of the more powerful ways to build customer loyalty.

"With DapIt, local stores can give their existing customers a better and easier way to pay
from their mobile device, while also bringing in new business from the social network of DapIt users."

DapIt is free to download on Google Play and the App Store.


Download DapIt App (Play Store)