Catch Up On Castle Rock With This Hulu Free Trial


Hulu, like many other streaming services, have been spending a ton on exclusive and original content. One of those original shows is Castle Rock. There's only one season available, as it is still a fairly new series to Hulu, but it is a very popular series.

Castle Rock features characters from Stephen King's fictional universe. Thanks to executive producer JJ Abrams, Castle Rock focuses on a death-row attorney, who returns to his hometown. It's a pretty good show, especially for those that are big Stephen King fans, or even JJ Abrams fans. It's not the usual comedy that a lot of these streaming services usually pay to have created for their service.

That is just one of the many original shows that Hulu has. It has a number of others, with plenty more on the way. But what sets Hulu apart from say, Netflix, is the catalog that it has. Hulu is majority owned by Disney, so you're going to find a ton of ABC shows available on Hulu, as well as shows from other networks. These shows appear on Hulu the day after they air. So if you are one that doesn't watch a lot of cable shows at the time they air, Hulu is a great way to still watch them, without paying for cable.


Hulu has been around for almost 12 years now, and it continues to get better. In a time where competitors are upping their prices (Netflix), Hulu actually recently dropped their price. The limited commercials plan is just $5.99 per month, which is almost a steal for what you are getting with Hulu. However, if you'd prefer not to see any ads, then you can get the no ads plan for $9.99.

On top of that, Hulu also has its own Live TV option, allowing you to watch Live TV from over 60 channels, including plenty of sports. Hulu Live TV is just $44.99, and considering you aren't getting a DVR included (there is the option available though), it may not sound like a great deal. Until you remember the huge library of shows that Hulu has. So you almost don't even need a DVR with Hulu Live TV, like you would with YouTube TV.

Hulu is available on almost every streaming device out there. Though, when it comes to the Live TV aspect, it's not available everywhere, yet. For instance, it's not available on Android TV. That should be coming in the near future, but Hulu doesn't have a priority on it, since it doesn't believe many use Android TV.


If you are looking for another streaming service to compliment or even replace Netflix, Hulu is up to the task. And with plans starting at just $5.99 per month, it is definitely a more affordable option compared to Netflix. Not to mention it uploads new episodes a lot sooner than Netflix does – it waits til the end of the season and adds the whole season at once.

You can sign up for a free trial of Hulu at the link below. You will get a full month free, and after that, it'll jump to the price of the plan you chose.

Hulu Free Trial (30 Days)