Check Out These Basketball Games While You're Waiting For NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs are upon us, so it’s a perfect time for you to get your hands on a basketball game and get the most out those playoffs, in-between games, of course. There are quite a few basketball-themed games available in the Google Play Store, and we did our best to select the very best ones for you to try out. Some of these games are really solid basketball simulation games which put great focus on realism and graphics, while others are pure fun, even though they’re far from realistic. Whatever your preference may be, chances are you’ll find something you like down below. Please do keep in mind that these games are not listed in a specific order, so just because one game is mentioned before the other doesn’t mean anything.

NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 is the latest entry in the NBA2K franchize, and those of you who are into basketball games are probably more than familiar with those games. NBA 2K19 does have its issues, as comments on the Play Store may suggest, but it’s still one of the best basketball simulations out there. Graphics in this game are great, and you have a number of modes to opt for here. Controls are also spot on, in case you were wondering.

Basketball PVP

If you’re into PvP games rather than full-fledged team vs team basketball games, Basketball PVP may interest you. This is a real-time online 1 on 1 basketball game, and it’s immensely fun, and its cartoonish graphics is only a bonus here. You have six ballers to choose from in this game, and each one of them has its special abilities, which makes this game fun in a completely different way than any other basketball game.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is Electronic Arts’ basketball offering, and not only does it come with all the necessary licenses, but its graphics is also stunning. This is one of the best basketball simulation games in the Play Store, and there are a ton of gameplay elements included in it. No matter whether you’d like to play a quick match, or dive into a full NBA season, this is the game for you, as long as you like simulations.

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is another 1 on 1 basketball game, and one of Miniclip’s games. This is a fast-paced game, and it’s actually quite fun with solid 3D graphics. There are two different online multiplayer modes that you can choose from, while there are over 400 items that you can access in this game. You’ll also gain access to 40+ basketballs, if you unlock them all, while a shootout game mode is also available here.

Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is actually a game that is best described by its name, and this game actually supports split-screen multiplayer up to two players. Its graphics are cartoonish, but that’s not a bad thing, quite the contrary. Controls are extremely easy to master, and you can also compete in live events in this game. All in all, this is yet another really fun arcade 1 on 1 basketball game worth trying out.

Stickman Basketball 2017

Stickman Basketball 2017 is a full-fledged basketball game, kind of. Stickman figures are players in this game, as is the case in Stickman Hockey, and a number of other games from the Stickman franchize. You have 115 different teams to choose from here, while a number of modes are available, including Quick Game, Seasons, league, Cups, Graveyard Mode, and so on. The game supports a multiplayer mode with up to four controllers (on one device), and there are four difficulty levels that you can choose from.

Real Basketball

Real Basketball supports both single and multiplayer modes, and this is basically a shootout game,, though there are a number of different modes at your disposal. Graphics are also quite nice, and there are 40 uniforms available in-game, which allows you to do tons of customization on your player. Four basketball courts are available, and 20 basketballs with special features, which makes the game even more fun.

Head Basketball

Head Basketball is probably the craziest basketball-themed game on this list. This is a 1 on 1 game, but it’s… insane. Your goal is to score more points than your opponent, but in this game, you are able to transform yourself into a bull, freeze your opponent, blow him up with a bazooka… and much, much more. There are over 30 different characters available in the game, and all of them possess unique abilities, while there are tons of modes that you can choose from here as well.

Basketball Shoot

Basketball Shot is an extremely simple game, and yet it’s quite fun. All you can see in this game is the basketball court, a basketball, and the background, while your objective is to score, of course. Controls are easy to learn, though difficult to master. You can choose between 11 backgrounds in this game, and getting a high score is the objective, of course. It is also worth saying that the graphics are really nice in this game.

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