You Can Now Buy The August View Video Doorbell

August View AM AH 1

The first wire-free video doorbell from August is now available to purchase.

This is the second wire-free video doorbell on the market, and August’s second video doorbell. This one is wire-free, meaning that it does not need power from inside your home and instead uses a battery that is rechargeable. This battery does last about three months before needing to be recharged.

Unlike the first doorbell from August, the View looks more like a traditional doorbell. With the actual doorbell button in the lower half and the camera in the upper half of the doorbell. Instead of a weird square doorbell that was the original video doorbell from August. It is also offered in a few different colors. In the box, you’ll get the black, red, blue and white face plates. You can also purchase four metal face plates which come in satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, matte brass and midnight gray.


With the August View being a wire-free video doorbell, it opens this doorbell up to a lot more users. As some might not be able to run power out to the front of their home for a video doorbell. The August View doesn’t need power, so that is no longer an issue. It does still use the wires for your existing doorbell though. This makes it perfect for renters.

The main reason for getting a video doorbell is, well the camera. So that you can keep an eye on what’s going on outside of your home. It does record clips for you, but that is not part of the free “Basic” plan, you’ll need to upgrade for that. With the Basic plan, it will monitor what’s happening outside, as well as give you notifications. You get two-way audio and such. Basically, all of the basic features are included. For $2.99 per month you can upgrade to the Premium plan, which will store recordings for up to 15 days. If you need a bit longer saving period, you can get Premium Plus for $4.99 per month.

Like many other video doorbells, it will alert you to people outside your home. So you can get a notification when UPS or FedEx delivers your Amazon package. When people press the doorbell, you’ll also get notifications too. As you’d expect. The August View doesn’t really have any features that you wouldn’t find from other video doorbells on the market, but for the price, it’s a pretty decent doorbell considering it is a wire-free version.


The August View clocks in at $229. That puts it right in-line with the Nest Hello and the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Those are both wired, so if there were wire-free versions of those available, they’d be quite a bit more. If you need a wire-free doorbell, then the August View is going to be your best option, as the only other wire-free doorbell is not a video doorbell – the Arlo Audio Doorbell.

If you have not already purchased the August View, you can purchase it from Amazon and Best Buy using the links below for $229.

August View - Amazon - $229 August View - Best Buy - $229