Annke's Lite 5-In-1 Security Camera System Costs Only $115.99

Finding a good and at the same time, affordable security camera system is not an easy task. Well, Annke does have a number of such setups in its arsenal, and one of the more affordable ones is available via Amazon for only $115.99.

This security camera system comes with the “Lite” tag, and it includes four security cameras and a DVR. Do keep in mind that a hard drive is not included in this package, so you’ll need to get that on the side for recording purposes.

As you can see, this security camera system is black-colored, that goes for both the camera and a DVR. All of these cameras can show you and record fullHD footage, while they can also record in the dark up to 100ft thanks to IR sensors, so you’re getting 24-hour surveillance, essentially.

These four cameras are IP66 certified, which essentially means they’re weatherproof, you don’t have to worry about rain, snow, or anything of the sort. These cameras are primarily aimed for outdoor use thanks to their IP66 certification, but you can use them indoors if you’d like as well, of course. These cameras can function at heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and up to -4 degrees Fahrenheit, while they’re also dustproof.

This setup comes with H.264+ video compression, which will save you a ton of space compared to regular H.264 compression. You can even mark out areas for these cameras to watch over for motion detection, and once they spot something, you can set them up to send you either an e-mail or shoot a notification to your phone. First, though, you’ll need to download Annke’s Android application (Annke Vision app), as you’ll need that in order to set everything up, and a notification will arrive to your phone via that application.

You can access the live footage from your phone using the Annke Vision application as well, of course, not to mention that there are a ton of additional options available within that application. Installation of these cameras does not seem to be a problem either, as each of them seems to ship with three screws that you can utilize in order to mount them on a ceiling or the wall, it’s completely up to you, as you can set them up any way you like.

You will get a user manual with this setup, as well as all the necessary cables in order to get them working, no not to mention that wall stickers are included as well, just so everyone knows that your home / office is secured, which will make them think twice before breaking in. A two-year warranty is also a part of the package, and 60-day money back guarantee is also included if you purchase this setup from Amazon. If you’re interested, a purchase link is included down below.

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