Zynga Poker Gets Faster, Higher-Stakes Spin & Win Mode

Zynga Poker, one of the most popular poker games on Android, is getting a new tournament code called Spin & Win, which is made to raise the stakes and speed things up. The new mode sprinkles in a dash of aggressive play by encouraging players to take an early and definitive chip lead, and rewards prowess with a chance to spin a wheel that can multiply your payout, paying up to 10 times your initial buy-in. The new mode can be found in the game's World Poker Tour tournament center.

This aggressive new game mode has tournaments that last around 5 to 8 minutes on average, and also includes an option for a three-handed, winner-take-all tournament style. Introducing Spin & Win is Zynga's way of answering players' calls for a faster game mode that could pay out more than normal, and players will find that the devilish new play style engages them in new ways while challenging them to dominate the other players with an iron fist for a chance at glory.

The meat of the new mode is found in its title, where winners can spin the wheel and get payouts up to 10 times their own buy-in, or up to 8 times the buy-in amounts put down by the players that they laid low on their way to the winner's circle. This extra element of chance, it should be added, does not penalize skilled players for having bad luck; only good outcomes are on the wheel, meaning that players with a bit more luck will just see a good boost to their winnings.

As an extra touch, the new mode features authentic environments and branded tables from World Poker Tour, throwing players into the heat of the world stage. This not only applies in the sense that players will find themselves in the same poker halls they've seen on broadcast, but also that they'll be challenging players across the world in short-form, high-stakes tournaments. Since things move faster, this is no place for players who don't know what they're doing. There's no extra risk associated with playing Spin & Win, but there shouldn't have to be; the faster pace and more aggressive play will ensure that unwise and unskilled players will be parted with their chips in short order.

Zynga Poker's habit of listening to players is just one of the many things about the game that's helped it reach the absurd level of popularity that it has within the Android gaming sphere. It also happens to be one of the most realistic and immersive Texas Hold 'Em experiences out there, of course. This new mode will help an entirely new echelon of skilled players to rise above the rest and prove themselves, all while raking in tons of chips. Given the fact that great players can use this mode to boost themselves faster than ever before, there are likely to be new tier rewards and other goodies built to accommodate those at the top in due time.

Outside of Zynga Poker, the influence of non-traditional card games can be felt in all sorts of Android games outside of the typical video game genres of action, arcade, RPG, and the like. Card games are getting faster and more intuitive all the time, so Zynga Poker's new Spin & Win mode feels less like a revolution and more like an evolution for the game, and a logical shift toward the type of fast and loose play that's seen in the higher ranks of real-world poker players.

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