Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Leaks In Psychedelic, Rainbow-Like Color

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Xiaomi might be launching a new “Holographic Rainbow” color option for the Mi 9 SE, as shown in a leaked photo shared via Twitter by SlashLeaks contributor @smartvenkat95. While Xiaomi has launched the Mi 9 series in a few holographic color options such as Lavander and Blue, this particular Rainbow finish takes the concept to a whole new level, as it includes shades of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE were unveiled in China last month ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and the OEM announced three basic color options for each model including black/gray, violet, and blue. The latter two already had a toned-down holographic effect, but the so-called Holographic Rainbow color option looks much more like the kind of holographic foil one would get on a rare trading card.

Obviously, the effect can’t be observed in a static image but at the very least it gives an accurate preview on what to expect from this particular Rainbow finish, and fuels the imagination. But the tweet was not accompanied by any launch details so assuming that the color option will indeed become available, it only remains to be seen when, where, and under what conditions. This could be a limited production run and it might not launch in every region where the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is set to hit the shelves.


The Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is the OEM’s first handset to adopt a triple camera configuration, despite it not being a true flagship phone and fitting more into the upper mid-range segment. It also boasts an in-display fingerprint scanner, so the OEM appears to have put a lot of effort into making the new model an attractive option for prospective buyers.

Fun fact: the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is also the world’s first smartphone to employ Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 712 silicon. It was manufactured using a 10nm LPP process and features a total of eight CPU cores split into 2x and 6x core clusters.

But the non-SE variant is the actual flagship fueled by a Snapdragon 855 chipset from Qualcomm, and it flaunts very fast 20W wireless charging, effectively doubling the wireless charging capabilities of its competitors from Samsung and Google, whose handsets usually employ 10W wireless charging. On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE featuring 18W wireless charging is not too shabby either.

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Aesthetically, the main design difference between the two models lies in the shape of the back panel. The Xiaomi Mi 9 has a glass panel curving around the edges, while the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE has a flat glass back panel. The leaked photo clearly shows the SE model, but as yet it’s unclear whether the Holographic Rainbow color option will become available for both variants.

It’s worth noting that the Xiaomi Mi 9 already has an exclusive color option in the form of the Explorer variant, which features a transparent black back cover revealing some intricate internal design elements covering the actual components. Having said that, it seems rather fair for the Mi 9 SE variant to feature its own exclusive flavor, but only time will tell whether this will be the case.