Dark Mode For WhatsApp Shown In Screenshots, Coming Soon


Dark mode / theme is currently available in a ton of applications, but WhatsApp is not one of them. Well, according to a new report by WABetaInfo, that will change soon, as it seems like dark mode is coming to WhatsApp.

The source actually managed to dig up traces of dark mode in WhatsApp Beta 2.19.82, even though the feature is not yet available in that version of the app. In version 2.19.47, WhatsApp actually redesigned all settings in the app, and there's a good reason for that, the company wanted to make everything compatible with the upcoming Dark Mode option.

Dark Mode has been implemented in the beta app, but it is not yet available, you can't activate it from the app, WABetaInfo managed to do it, somehow, and the source actually shared some screenshots of WhatsApp's dark mode, which you can check out in the gallery down below.


It seems like WhatsApp's dark mode will not exactly be as OLED-friendly as expected, as this seems to be a dark, dark gray color, not pitch black one, but some people prefer that. In fact, it is possible that the company will give us a choice, to choose between pitch black dark mode, and what you can see in the provided screenshots. That is not as likely, but we can always hope.

We are still not sure when will dark mode become available in a stable version of the app, as it is still under development. As mentioned earlier, it is not yet available in a beta build either, so chances are it will hit the beta version first, and then move to the stable one, so don't expect it to come knockin' in a couple of days or anything of the sort.

Dark mode everything


Many well-known applications have received dark mode in the last couple of months, and the fact that Google started pushing it to its own applications only made a number of other developers do the same.

With Android 9 Pie, Google introduced its next-gen Material Design, which made the company's apps whiter than ever, as Google removed the colored top-bar in all apps that received the new design. In order to counter that, the company had opted to offer users a dark mode as well, just in case they don't prefer completely white-colored applications. Dark mode arrived on a number of Google-made apps, including YouTube, (Android) Messages, Google Phone, Google Contacts, and so on.

Dark mode is also on the way for the Google Chrome, it is currently available via Chrome Canary, but it is expected to make way to the final build in the near future. Gmail is also expected to get the dark mode sometime in the future, even though Google didn't really confirm anything regarding that.


It is also worth noting that (Facebook) Messenger received the dark mode on Android not long ago, so it's not surprising that dark mode is coming to WhatsApp as well, Facebook is the owner of both of those apps after all. All in all, if you like your apps to be dark, you have plenty to look forward to.

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