Xiaomi Reveals A Bunch Of Upcoming MIUI 10 & 11 Features

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Xiaomi’s MIUI developers have created a new thread in official forums, detailing upcoming MIUI 10 and MIUI 11 features, and features that they’re currently considering. MIUI 10 is the current version of Xiaomi’s Android overlay, while MIUI 11 development kicked off a while back, as MIUI 11 is expected to arrive sometime this year. That forum thread also gives consumers a chance to communicate with the company’s developers, and Xiaomi is always emphasizing the importance of being connected to its “fans”.

The list of upcoming and possibly upcoming features is quite long, and you can check it out in more detail via the link provided in the first paragraph, while we will focus on some of the more interesting features that Xiaomi listed. Features that we’ll talk about first are either already available in MIUI 10 on some devices, or will be really soon.

Existing & Confirmed Features


Xiaomi will be rolling out the ability to view the lockscreen after unlocking the device, which is a feature that is available on iOS, but not on most Android devices. As soon as you unlock your phone using a fingerprint or facial recognition, you will be immediately thrown to your phone’s home screen, at least on the vast majority of devices, well, Xiaomi is aiming to give you an option to open lockscreen instead. Some people actually prefer to get access to the lockscreen instead, so that they can see their notifications, and possibly interact with them, without having to call upon the notification shade.

Xiaomi will also be adding new sound effects to MIUI 10, while advanced Dolby effects will be pushed out as well. Battery consumption will be optimized in an upcoming update, while you will also be able to activate the home screen using voice commands. Dark mode is already available in MIUI 10 on the Xiaomi Mi 9, and it will be arriving to a ton of additional Xiaomi smartphones in the future, it seems.

Features Possibly Coming In The Coming Months

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Xiaomi is also planning to allow MIUI to delete APK files after you install them, if you prefer that to happen, as an option will be available. So, if you’re sideloading an app, and you don’t want to keep the downloaded APK file afterwards, you will be able to instruct MIUI to delete it. Truth be said, most people probably don’t want to keep such APKs after the fact, so this feature may be quite useful for some.

The company is also planning to introduce a local recycle bin for media content, so that you can restore some items that you did not want to delete, or something of the sort. We’ve seen this feature in OxygenOS already, and it essentially works as a recycle bin on Windows OS. Xiaomi will also optimize app permission management, and will add “child mode” in the equation. New animations for recharging will probably also be added, and the same can be said for Stereo Bluetooth sound while playing games. These are only some of the features that Xiaomi mentioned, a link to the full list of features can be found in the first paragraph, as previously noted.