Top 5 Benefits for College Students Using Android Apps

Like each one of us would attest to, college can be a hard time in life. Yes, I know how fun and crazy you remember it as; best time of your life you say. But, I am not talking about that; I am talking about the pain assignments and examinations gave you, the constant juggling between work and studies, and how tired you felt on those weekends. We all make sacrifices to reach the goal we have set in mind; no matter how much it breaks you. It would have been much easier if you had help; frankly, you sought it wherever you could. College students try all types of tricks to get by and make it less tough on them as they should. It gets even harder for foreign students who are living in another country in the pursuit of higher studies and a better standard of living. It makes much more sense for them to seek help as the language is different, and the barriers are as vast as the seas they travelled to be there. Times have changed a lot; in the digital age, there are many tools that will genuinely help a student take the stress off their shoulders. Companies know exactly how big of a platform education technology is. They all strive to outdo each other in providing better technological tools to the students of today. Here are some in different categories to help out a student:

1. Readings - Every student faces a dilemma when he/she has to buy books for the semester. Many students delay spending any money on study material until late in the semester when they have enough to buy second-hand books. Anyone who has bought new books on their own expenses knows how hard it is to spend money on new books each semester. That is the reason most students look for different ways to get access to those. They try to buy books from their seniors or from their alumni. They try searching for those in the library, but there are only so many copies of a book. As technology has evolved and the concept of ebooks has arrived, many platforms have propped up which offer reading materials free of cost or cheaper than what would get on the market. Websites like Project Gutenberg and Open Library are providing books free of cost to students so they can get their hands on reading material necessary to pass the semester. There is another website named Scribd which provides students with PowerPoint presentations and all sorts of journals to help get by; what makes it different is that most of the data is uploaded by students themselves. You can even buy old research papers done for students from PaperDoers.

2. Classes - Android applications have made it much easier to take a class in these times. Apps like Evernote have made it easier to take down notes in the class and save images or voice notes to help you study later on. Many colleges even upload podcasts of classes for the help of students who missed the class. Teachers are using Flipgrid nowadays, an app that lets the teacher pose a question on any topic and the students to answer through text or video. We have also shifted from classic chalkboards to digital screens which are much more helpful when explaining a concept. As time has evolved, technology will begin to have an even larger influence on how education is imparted in classes. It was mandatory in previous times to be physically present to take a class and you could only take one course. Applications like Coursera help students take a course which is not available in their own country. Now, students can apply for an online course in some other country and take classes for completion of the course. They can also take online classes from Khan Academy or BrightStorm free of cost to understand concepts that they were not able to get through earlier.

3. Residence - Most foreign students who travel to another country for education need cheap housing with basic amenities provided. These students do not always get suitable accommodation or a roommate that understands the basic courtesies. Finding a place in your own state is difficult; imagine when you have to search for a suitable place in another country. What would you do if the place you are living in has creaking floors and rats living in the pipeline? What would you do if your roommate starts blasting out music a night before your exams? It is a matter of great concern for students and finding the best place for you to stay will be a heavy load off your mind. There are plenty of ways you can go about it; you can try finding a place in the local vicinity of your college or you could try any place nearby as long as it fulfills all the criteria. There are tools like Roomies and Roommates which allow you to see places that are open for allotment and you can find people who are looking for a roommate. You would be able to see if the roommate you are going to share the rent with does understand the basic civics of co-renting a place. You can even try talking to your classmates or college authorities and they will help you out with the required accommodation.

4. Assignments and Examinations - This one goes a tough round. Most of the Universities offer a higher number of weightage on assignments and class papers than the final examinations. The logic here is to make the students learn all the concepts by breaking them into parts; it will make the students study and write the assignments on their own and they will be able to fully grasp the basics. It is rather a good way to teach students and impart education. Unlike most Universities that offer most of the weightage on final examinations; it allows room to be lax and the student uses that room fully. In the latter type of education, students tend to cram up before the examinations and write it by themselves. It is definitely not a good way to impart education if the students forget what they study, later on in life. The former type of education gets very tough on students though. It is not easy to juggle your job along with studies and keep scoring high on assignments. They need all the help they can here. There are technological tools like EssayWriter4u which helps students with daily papers and then there is OnlineAssignmentWriting which helps students understand the concepts behind what they have been tasked with. Also, a student must take the help of classmates as it helps clear away all the doubts pertaining to the assignment.

5. Part-time Job - Yes, every foreign student must have a part-time job to pay for their expenses. It is not easy living in another country without a source of income to pay for food and rent. This gets pretty tricky for students who live in another country; they are not allowed to work more than a specified limit. So, they need to find a job that pays standard and doesn’t require that many hours. There is also a need to find a job near your place of residence or college, so you can make the to-and-fro easily. Students usually try talking to the counseling office or check on the boards to see if there are any vacancies available nearby. There are plenty of technological tools available that help students get jobs nearby such as Craigslist, Internships, and LinkedIn. These websites offer a different type of work opportunities for students. You need to first select which one are you looking for, then proceed to apply for it. An internship experience is counted much highly because you are working in a registered office; nowadays, companies realize how many students are looking for part-time work and experience so they regularly post internships for other students. You can even try jobs that are available online and do not require you to move an inch from your seat. If you understand even the basics of graphic designing, web development, or any computer language at all. You can create an online profile of yours, write about your skills, and show yourself available for work. This is only possible with the advancement of technology.


In the digital age, there are innumerable tools available to help students with studies or for work. I have mentioned a few of those in this article, hope you find them to your help. As the world keeps turning, there will be even more technological advancements brought about to help students. There is certainly no stopping it; technology is for humankind’s betterment. It only makes sense to keep using it even if some people advocate against it. There is help available if you need it, you only need to know where to look.

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