Which Technology Stocks Could Be Worth Buying In 2019's Slowing Economy?


Making an investment is a process that needs to be thoroughly thought out. By carefully monitoring the dow jones index and other aspects of the stock market, you can have the best possible outcome from your investments earning yourself money as a result. Within this article, we are going to look at why these technology stocks could be a worthwhile investment in 2019.


This popular music application has been in the news a number of times in recent years due to Taylor Swift and other artist removing their music from the site only to put it back on a few months later. But could this be the perfect stock to invest in 2019? Well, many have seen the level of growth that they have been experiencing recently and have noticed that there is plenty of room for the stocks to rise by as much as 30% according to some market specialists. This is in part due to the increase in the premium users in the latter part of 2018 allowing for stocks to begin to rise.


This makes this android application a worthwhile investment as it continues to gain monthly premium users. The application is also being endorsed by some of the biggest names in music featured in weekly chart updates as well as the new music Friday which keeps users interested and coming back for more.


For those that are heavily into their technology, there is no denying the Microsoft is at the forefront of both computing and gaming. With the company taking up a large portion of the industry with the likes of Microsoft office and the windows 10 operating system many are suggesting that stocks are to rise by as much as 28.31% terms of profit margin. Not only this but they are also making strides in the gaming industry. With a number of successful consoles under the Xbox branding, Microsoft has seen themselves in direct competition with fellow technology giant Sony for the best game console on the market. With a number of exclusive games as well as cross-functionality between their games consoles and their computer systems, there are plenty of reasons for investors too optimistic.


With a number of big events such as E3 and GDC (Game Developers Conference) scheduled throughout the year there are a number of fluctuations within the stocks, however, this is nothing to be concerned about when looking to make an investment. This tech giant has a number of amazing additions coming in 2019 the stocks are beginning to increase making these promising times for a number of investors.


Google has been making a huge impact on the Android industry over recent months, not only by fine-tuning of their search engine algorithm but other technology such as Google Assistant and Google Home technology. Another direct impact on the android market is through the development of the Google Pixel phones as they have seen a huge amount of success. This is just one of the many reasons why Google stocks have been on the rise and are set to continue rising in the coming months. As of March 19th 2019, the price of Alphabet stocks are up 1.17% to 1,202.46 USD and are on a gradual incline. Now would be the best time to invest in alphabet stock as this could make you money in the future as the stock has shown an increase year on year at a steady incline.


With the upcoming launches of a number of products in 2019, the stocks are set to rise making this an exciting time for the company and the investors.


Yet another worthwhile investment in 2019 is Samsung. This tech giant has seen a vast increase in stock value since the introduction of the latest Galaxy range of Android smartphones. This has seen a particular spike with the recent announcement of the Galaxy S10 and S10+ smartphones, as well as the highly anticipated Galaxy Fold. These phones have created a large amount of buzz online and have become highly popular with all those that have had a hands-on experience with them.


Though the foldable is yet to be released there have been a number of teaser videos that are building the excitement for the product. This has clearly caught the eye of investors as a result as this has spiked the interest of investors. Samsung stocks are currently up 0.34% and have been steadily increasing through recent months with no sign of slowing down. This tech giant has become a household name across all their appliances such as televisions, fridge freezers and even surround sound systems. As this revenue continues to increase so too does the opportunity for investors.


Another honorable mention for the very best of stocks is the software giant Adobe. With the likes of Photoshop, Lightroom and PDF's being such a major part of everyone's lives it is no surprise that the stocks are on the rise. In March of 2019, the stocks for this company are up 1.03%. This is an ideal time to invest in the business as the stocks begin to climb as this could then earn you more money in the long term. If you want to closely track the state of the market, then you can opt for an investment app. With a number of them on the market, you can tailor your unique dashboard to highlight the markets that you have invested in. You will also receive specialized notifications for changes that happen in the market allowing you to be on top of your investment at all times.


Regardless of whether you are new to the stock market or are looking for a new investment within the next financial year, each of the large companies listed above are a sure-fire way to gain money regardless of the amount of money that you invest. Depending on the stocks that you opt for the smallest investment can end up multiplying into a much larger profit, therefore it is important to be aware of where you are investing your money and how this could affect your ROI (return of investment) in the long term.

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