Samsung Planning To Release Two More Foldable Smartphones In 2019

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Samsung is planning to launch two more foldable smartphones, according to a report by Bloomberg. Samsung is aiming to take the lead in the foldable smartphone market segment, and in order to do that, it needs to find the right formula.

It seems like the two upcoming foldable phones will not be made in the Galaxy Fold’s image, as Samsung is looking to try out other form factors to see what works best, and what the market is most interested in. One of the two phones will be a clamshell-like device, while the other one will fold outwards like the Huawei Mate X. This info is provided by “people familiar with the matter”, says Bloomberg.

The source also notes that a spokeswoman for Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung, did not want to comment on the company’s upcoming foldable smartphones and this report, which was to be expected.


The company is allegedly planning to announce its vertically-folding smartphone (clamshell-like) late this year, or early next year, and the source also notes that Samsung is using mock-ups to fine-tune its design. It is also noted that the phone will feature a secondary display on the outside, at least at the moment, that may change on the final build, based on the market feedback regarding the Galaxy Fold. Chances are it will stay in place, though, as it’s hard to imagine consumers not wanting a smaller display on the outside of a clamshell-like foldable smartphone.

A device similar to the Huawei Mate X already exists as a prototype, according to the source. This is the case because Samsung actually considered releasing it as its very first foldable smartphone instead of the Galaxy Fold. This device doesn’t have an extra display on the outside, and it will be considerably thinner than the clamshell-like device. It is not noted when this phone may see the light of day.

Both of those devices may include an in-display fingerprint scanner, like the Galaxy S10 lineup. While the company is working on these new foldable devices, it is also trying to improve the Galaxy Fold display’s durability, it seems. A crease appears on the display after it has been folded about 10,000 times, according to a report, and Samsung is trying to amend that issue. The company is even considering offering free screen replacements if that happens, sources say.

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That crease is actually one of the reasons Samsung opted to keep the Galaxy Fold in a glass case at MWC 2019, at least according to the provided info to Bloomberg, but Samsung’s spokeswoman said that’s not true. She said that the phone was in a glass box because the company wanted more attention to be paid to the Galaxy S10 series, as the Galaxy Fold was not supposed to be the main attraction of the company’s February 20 event nor MWC 2019.

Samsung had announced a price tag for the Galaxy Fold, and the device will cost almost $2,000. The company is able to produce 1 million foldable smartphones this year, according to reports, but it remains to be seen how many will it be able to sell at such a high price tag.