Samsung Will Sell Leather Covers For The Galaxy Fold: Report

Samsung Galaxy Fold Leather Covers

Samsung is developing leather cases for the upcoming Galaxy Fold, according to SamMobile, who claims that these accessories will be sold separately following the smartphone’s release. A couple of leather cases for the Galaxy Fold have already been briefly spotted in an official YouTube video published by Samsung Newsroom last month, and product codes seemingly found by the source reportedly confirm that the same cases will be sold in stores by the OEM.

Last month Samsung’s Unpacked event kicked off with the Galaxy Fold’s announcement. The device was introduced by SVP of Product Marketing, Justin Denison, and about twelve minutes into the event he claimed that “a luxury device deserves luxury packaging and maybe a little something extra. Perhaps a pair of our new dynamic earbuds.”

This statement strongly suggested that the Galaxy Fold retail package will include a pair of Galaxy Buds. Additionally, it was accompanied by an image on the big screen, showcasing the product packaging and its contents, among which ware the new earbuds and, more to the point at hand, a protective case as seen in the screenshot below.


The protective case is barely visible so the choice of materials is unclear. But one would think that a luxury package with “a little something extra” should include the leather covers mentioned by SamMobile and showcased in Samsung Newsroom’s more recent video at around the 2-minute mark (also embedded below).

However, the source claims that it has seen the product codes for these protective leather cases and this confirms that they will be sold separately, possibly for a price higher than $50. The Samsung Galaxy Fold itself will cost $1,980 once it will be released on April 26, so together with these accessories, the device will break the $2,000 mark.

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The leather cases seem to be comprised of two separate pieces. They don’t cover the hinge, and they have appropriate cutouts for the external cameras, the smaller non-flexible front-facing display, and the speaker grille at the top.

The units shown by Samsung Newsroom come in black and white, but given the colorfulness of the Galaxy Fold, the OEM might have other flavors planned for release. Having said that, Samsung might include one leather cover in the smartphone’s retail package for free and make other color options available for purchase separately. Or the "free" cover could be made out of a different material while the leather ones will be reserved for store shelves.

Samsung’s latest foldable creation is not aiming to replace more conventional devices like the Galaxy S10. It’s going to be released in select markets and its adoption rate will likely be fairly low given the high price. But Samsung believes that the Galaxy Fold is the answer for the stagnating mobile market, and hopes that it will pave the way for the next generation of premium devices over the next decade.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold features a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED display with a 21:9 aspect ratio on the outside, as well as a 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED foldable display with a 16:10 image format on the inside. The device is powered by the Snapdragon 855 chipset from Qualcomm as opposed to one of the OEM’s in-house Exynos solutions, and sports 12GB of RAM along with 512GB of built-in storage.