Samsung's Newest Truly Wireless Headphones, The Galaxy Buds, Now Available

samsung galaxy buds AH

Samsung also debuted a new pair of truly wireless headphones at Unpacked last month, in the Galaxy Buds. Which are replacing the Gear IconX 2018 truly wireless headphones.

The new Galaxy Buds are smaller, in just about every aspect, while still extending battery life. The Galaxy Buds will get you around six hours of continuous playback. The included case has enough juice to charge it a little more than one complete cycle – Samsung says you’ll get 13 hours with the case. The case is also much smaller now, which makes it easier to toss it into your pocket and take on the go, without it bulging.

Samsung also has a form of quick charging available on the Galaxy Buds, where you can get about 1.7-hours of charge in just 15 minutes. So if you did forget to charge your Galaxy Buds before heading to the gym, you can quickly charge them up. The case does use wireless charging, so you can put it on a charging pad, or on the back of your Galaxy S10 to get more juice.


The Galaxy Buds are made for working out. Not only are they sweat and water resistant, but they are also great at staying in your ears. There are small ear hooks included in the Galaxy Buds, which you are able to swap out if you don’t like them. But these help keep the Galaxy Buds in your ears, especially if you are out on a run. As that is one of the biggest issues that many people have with truly wireless earbuds.

Since Samsung does own Harman now, it’s no surprise to see that the audio quality on the Galaxy Buds are top-notch. The audio is tuned by AKG, so you are getting some great sounding audio here, with deep bass and some crystal clear mids and highs. Making these one of the best sounding truly wireless earbuds on the market right now.

Samsung has also included Ambient Aware, which allows you to control how much outside noise you let in. Obviously, noise cancelling is awesome. But if you are out walking down the street with your Galaxy Buds in and noise cancellation on, you won’t be able to hear cars or trains coming by, and it can be dangerous. With Ambient Aware, you can let some of that sound in, but not all of it.


Pairing the Galaxy Buds are super easy too. Simply open the case and they will automatically pair with your phone. So by the time they are in your ears, they are already paired and good to go. Now if you need to pair them, simply open the case and if you have a Samsung smartphone, a pop up will appear for you to pair them. If you don’t, you can still go into the Bluetooth settings and pair them like a regular pair of Bluetooth headphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are available now from Samsung’s website, and you can pick them up for just $129. That is $50 cheaper than the Gear IconX 2018, and also another $30 cheaper than its true competitor – the Apple Airpods. You can pick them up from the link below.

Samsung Galaxy Buds - Samsung.com - $129