Samsung Galaxy A90 Confirmed With Notchless Infinity Screen

Samsung Galaxy A90 Notchless featuring

Samsung Indonesia just prematurely confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy A90 will be the only model in the new series to feature a “notchless Infinity screen” reveals a report from Dutch tech blog GalaxyClub. The official Samsung landing page for the Galaxy A series is now offline, but a cached version still exists and contains some information about the lineup, including the screenshot above accompanied by the fine print relating to the Galaxy A90’s exterior design.

Blurring the lines between mid-rangers and flagships

The landing page doesn’t contain any images with the Samsung Galaxy A90 itself and all of the devices showcased on the page have an Infinity-U notch. Nevertheless, the fine print “Notchless Infinity screen only available on Galaxy A90” very much confirms that this design feature will be exclusive to the best model in the series.


The OEM has an entire section for the “maxed out Notchless Infinity” panel, describing it as having the sharpest details and true-to-life colors powered by Super AMOLED technology.

Pop-up cameras about to… pop up?

The page also details some of the main characteristics boasted by the new lineup, such as an Ultra Wide camera with background blur capabilities, but once again the OEM specifies that these features will not be available on every Galaxy A model. They will likely be part of the Galaxy A90 experience, seeing how it sits at the top of the food chain.


Concerning the front-facing camera itself, the inclusion of a Notchless Infinity display for the Samsung Galaxy A90 raises the question as to where the unit might be located. An obvious answer would be on the top bezel because “notchless” doesn’t have to mean “bezelless” but this is not going to be the case, at least not judging by Samsung’s description of the phone having “all screen and no bezel.”

This brings us to a couple of rumors dating back to February when industry insider Ice Universe claimed that the Galaxy A90 will have a notch-less and bezel-free display complemented by a pop-up selfie camera. Interestingly, this claim was followed by another later that month, suggesting that the pop-up camera would actually have a rotating mechanism and act as both the front and rear-facing sensor.

In essence, this means that the device would capture photos at the same high-quality regardless of whether it would be in the form of selfies or landscapes, as Samsung’s focus would narrow down to perfecting the unit for all use cases.


This would be the first time in Samsung’s smartphone history when a pop-up camera would be employed for one of its mobile phones, so it’s going to be quite interesting to see exactly what design the OEM will come up with and whether it will share any similarities with OPPO’s pop-up solutions.

When can you expect the Samsung Galaxy A90?

The OEM’s upper mid-range smartphone with a notchless design and possibly a pop-up camera is expected to make an official appearance on April 10 at the so-called “A Galaxy Event” confirmed by the company earlier this week.


The series consists of multiple devices of which the Galaxy A20 and A40 were unveiled this week, but along with the Galaxy A90, there could also be the A70 variant likewise expected to be introduced next month.