Spice Up April Fools' Day With These Prank / Joke Apps

AH joke prank apps March 2019

April Fools’ day is right around the corner, and if you’re planning to prank someone or simply tell a joke during the day, we got you covered. We’ve swept the Google Play Store for the very best prank and joke applications, and they’re listed down below. On this list, you will find some full-fledged prank apps that you can try out on your loved ones, and a couple of joke applications, including an app that comes with a list of jokes for you to check out, and there a ton of jokes included on that list. Having said that, if you’re interested, feel free to check out the provided list, though keep in mind that these apps are not listed in any specific order.

Book Of Jokes


Book Of Jokes app is kind of self-explanatory. This app contains a collection of all sorts of jokes that you can read for yourself, or you can read for someone to hear, in any case, the point is to laugh. There are tons of jokes included here, over 500,000, and they are all spread around in over 100 categories, so chances are you will find something that you’re interested in with ease. The app’s design is not the most modern, but that’s not exactly all that important when it comes to apps like these.

Book Of Jokes (Play Store)

Broken Screen Prank


Apps like Broken Screen Prank have been around for a long time, and this app is definitely amongst the most popular ones. The app itself has been downloaded for over 50 million times, and if you want someone to believe that you cracked your smartphone’s display, this is the app to get. Some people will probably see right through you quickly, but if you decided to prank the right person, this app will do wonders. The app actually includes a cracking sound, so you can “crack” your phone’s display right at the spot.

Broken Screen Prank (Play Store)


Whoopee cushion fart

Whoopee cushion fart is yet another prank app that may come in handy if you’re trying to prank someone. Pretty much everyone knows what a whoopee cushion is, well, this app will replicate that sound the moment you tap the display. There are a number of options available in the app, various different sounds, and you can simply swipe the screen in order to scroll through them. You can even set a timer, hide your phone, and let it do the job for you, which is perfect for a couch prank or something of the sort.


Whoopee cushion fart (Play Store)

Prank Chat & Prank SMS


Prank Chat & Prank SMS apps are perfect for April Fools’ day. You can create a fake chat with someone using this application, and fool a number of people by doing so. For example, if you’d like to make someone believe you’re pregnant, you can create a conversation with your boyfriend on that topic, and then show it to your parents, or something of the sort. The app is actually quite believable when you set everything up properly.

Prank Chat & Prank SMS (Play Store)

Fake call – prank


Fake call app is self-explanatory, if you’d like to fake a call, this is the app you get. Using the app is quite simple, and you can do a lot of damage when it comes to fooling someone using this application. Decide what scenario fits you best, schedule a call, and see the magic happens. You can actually get the police to call you using this app, though that’s just one option, of course. The app is well designed, though it comes with ads, like most other apps on this list.

Fake call - prank (Play Store)



JokesPhone is yet another joke call app, though it’s not exactly all that similar to the Fake call app. This application allows you to choose a joke, for example, that your kid has been bit at school. Then you can choose who do you want to call, simply enter a number, and schedule a call. That conversation will be recorded, so that you can share it afterwards. With the right scenario, this can be quite funny, but use it carefully.

JokesPhone (Play Store)

Air Horn Prank

Air horn prank is one of the oldest ones in the book, and the app for it has been available via the Play Store for quite some time, and it carries that same name. If you’d like to prank someone by scaring them with an air horn, this is the app for you. You can use it to wake someone up with a sound of an air horn, or simply scare them when they least expect it. Please do use it responsibly, though.

Air Horn Prank (Play Store)

Lie Detector Test Prank

Lie Detector Test Prank application is perfect if you’d like to prank someone who is not tech savvy, as tech-savvy people will see right through you. If you’d like to fool your parents perhaps, your grandparents, or someone else that is not into technology, chances are you will succeed. This app brings a lie detector on your phone’s screen, and it will act as if it can detect if a person is telling the truth or not, based on their fingerprint. You can preset results in order to prank someone, or manually control the test using volume up and down buttons.

Lie Detector Test Prank (Play Store)