PlayStation Now Offers Over 750 Games At $60 For A Full Year – Amazon Deals


Amazon is discounting a year subscription to PlayStation Now, dropping the price to just $60. That is good for $40 off of the regular price, and you are essentially paying the same price as one full game, but getting access to over 750 games that you can play at anytime.

PlayStation Now is Sony's streaming service, which doesn't have as many games as Xbox's Game Pass just yet, but there are over 750 games available to play. You can download these to your PlayStation 4 and play them at any time you wish. It's sort of like Netflix for gaming, and at roughly $5 per month, it's definitely worth it. These games are also available to play on your PC, so you can play games while on the go too.

Sony says that PlayStation Now is backwards compatible with the PS3 and PS2 as well.


Sony PlayStation Now has an average of four out of five stars on Amazon, with over 100 customer reviews. It's still a somewhat new product, but definitely worth picking up. The last time it was just $59.99, was during Black Friday. So there's no telling when it will drop down to this price again.

You can pick up a year of PlayStation Now from Amazon using the link below.

Sony PlayStation Now - Amazon - $59