GAMEVIL's MLB Perfect Inning Series Updated For 2019


GAMEVIL has updated its MLB Perfect Inning series for 2019, and the update brings a ton of new features, as well as a new star player in the form of Noah Syndergaard, a pitcher for the New York Mets. This year's release includes an Instant Draft feature, Rank Up System, and Club Battle. As an aside, this is the series' sixth iteration, and as of this writing, the series has garnered more than 20 million downloads across Android and iOS.

To celebrate all of that, the game is currently holding a login event with daily rewards that will run all the way through March 21. During this time, players will receive new rewards every day, and it will run concurrently with other events to kick off the new launch.

Players moving over to this version from last year will be happy to know that they can bring over players and currency, giving them a big lead on newbies who are just jumping into the game series. League, Club, and other forms of progression cannot be carried over, but players' stats and levels will travel with them.


If you haven't been big on these games in the past but still want to get a head start, you can always use the Instant Draft feature. This skips the usual method of obtaining new players and nicely sidesteps the gacha approach normally seen in mobile gaming. Find the player you want, make an in-app payment, and they're yours.

This year's take on the Club feature includes a new ranked PvP feature called Club Battles. It's essentially exactly what it sounds like; once you've formed your Club with other players, you can get together and go head to head with other clubs online in a scramble for rank.

That has no relation to the Rank Up system. This new feature is meant to allow users to unlock MLB players' potential by breaking level limits. The previous season capped levels at 10, but this year, you can go over 90. In fact, it's entirely possible to win, buy, or pull high-level players that are already approaching the game's maximum level.


MLB Perfect Inning is one of the few realistic 3D baseball sims in the Play Store to obtain official license from MLB. That means that you're playing in 30 different real-life ballparks, and your teams are made up of real MLB players, produced in uncanny digital likeness thanks to this game's next-gen graphics that easily rival what you may see on the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft XBOX 360.

Perfect Inning's closest competition is Com2uS' MLB 9 Innings, which has yet to update to the 2019 MLB season. Both game series have their own merits, and their own advantages and disadvantages, giving players a tough choice. As for impact on the mobile gaming space at large, don't expect much; no matter how powerful, realistic, and feature-packed sports games get, they will always be relegated to their own subspace within the wider gaming world. Even so, Perfect Inning has always been somewhat of a bar-setter when it comes to 3D baseball games on Android, and this year looks to be no different, bringing a bevy of new features and advanced graphics.


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