Multiplayer Zombie Survival Game LifeAfter Branches Out To Android

LifeAfter is a rather interesting mobile game that has been available on iOS for quite some time now, and it is now available on Android as well. This is a multiplayer zombie survival game, and it’s a 3D game, by the way.

Graphics in the game are more than good enough, especially considering the type of game this is. Zombies are all over the place, as we’ve been seeing tons of TV shows and movie that include zombies in one way or the other, and now you can actually feel what it’s like to be in LifeAfter’s chaotic world on Android.

In LifeAfter, mankind has been almost wiped out, only a small percentage of the population survived the zombie apocalypse, and your goal is to keep surviving, more or less. You need to make a new life for yourself in a zombie-infested world, and you will have help from other survivors along the way, and also your trusty dog.

In order to survive in LifeAfter, your goal is not only to shoot zombies and be done with it, not even close. You will need to forage for food, or hunt it if needed. Cutting down trees and smashing up rocks for various materials that are needed to make weapons is also a necessity.

This game is quite detailed when it comes to environments, so you’ll have plenty to explore in it. You will be moving through forests, abandoned cities, mines, and much more. On top of everything, a proper day / night cycle is also a part of the experience, as are various weather conditions that may make surviving more difficult at times.

We’ve mentioned earlier that you need forage for food, well, you need to eat it as well, of course. You will need to eat in order not to die in this game, as that is one more aspect that makes the game more challenging. On top of that, you will need to keep yourself warm as well, so finding shelter before the end of the day is probably a good idea.

In LifeAfter, you can level up your relationship with other players, as this is a multiplayer game, while you can even join various camps. Camps in LifeAfter can take up to 80 players at once, and you can get various perks by joining camps, including free meals, shelter, and on top of everything, protection. You can even earn supplies by carrying out various tasks.

Each of the camps in the game has a mayor, same goes for “Honorary Citizens” and outsiders which are trying to work their way up through the ranks in a camp. So, you’re basically getting a whole society of people here. The game is more in-depth that it may seem at first, as we’re used to mindless shoot ‘em up zombie games by now, and this is definitely not one of those, even though killing zombies is a part of the picture.

LifeAfter has already been downloaded way over one million times on Android, and it is currently holding a 4.2-star rating in the Play Store. We’ve included some official images in the gallery down below if you’d like to check those out before playing LifeAfter, and if you’d like to download the game, a link is included down below as well.

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