How To Show Notification Details On The Samsung Galaxy S10's Lock Screen

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first smartphone from the company that is launching with OneUI out of the box. OneUI is Samsung’s new Android skin, that is bound to make things easier for all of its users. But there are some things that were changed in OneUI – some of which were changed just because they could. One of those changes is notifications on the lock screen and always-on screen.

In OneUI, Samsung has changed notifications to only show the icon, and not any information about that notification. So it’ll show you that there’s an email, but is it spam or an important email? You won’t know unless you unlock your phone. Luckily, there is a quick fix to change this and make sure that notification details are shown on the lock screen.

How To Enable Notification Details on Lock Screen & Always-On Display


First off, jump into the Settings app. Then tap on Lock Screen.

Scroll down to Notifications and tap on that. It’ll be the third option from the bottom.


Now tap on View Style. This will give you three options: Detailed, Icons Only and Brief. The Detailed option will show you everything about that notification (including the app, time, and more). The Brief option shows you a bit less detail, with a smaller notification. And of course, the icon only shows just the icon and nothing else – which isn’t all that helpful.

Depending on the option you choose, Samsung will preview the option above. So you can see which option is the best one, and suits your liking the best.

And that’s it. That’s how you fix one of the more annoying “features” that’s in OneUI. As mentioned, it is a pretty quick fix.


Other options to enable

There are some other options included, like hiding your content. So if you want to keep your information private, you can do so. Then there is also Transparency. This allows you to adjust the background of the notification. Whether you want a white background or a transparent one. By default, it will invert the colors, so you can actually see the notification on the lock screen.

Wrap Up


Notifications is arguably one of the most important aspects of your lock screen. Sure it’s good to see the date and time on your lock screen. But most of the time, you are looking to see what notifications you have. And if you see a group of icons, it’s really not much help. It’s a bit of a head scratcher that Samsung made this the default option in OneUI. It would be surprising if this remains the default when the Galaxy Note10 launches later this year. It could be because it does give it a better and cleaner look. The good thing is, Samsung has made sure the lock screen is still customizable for everyone.

Samsung’s OneUI has been a pretty customizable skin so far, on the Galaxy S10, and even on older smartphones. It’s a bit surprising, but it does follow along with Samsung’s recent push towards themes and icons on its smartphones.