Speck Intros Four Different Cases For The Galaxy S10 Series


Speck has announced its cases lineup for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series of smartphones. Samsung had introduced four Galaxy S10 handsets on February 20, but the Galaxy S10 5G variant will become official at a later date, so Speck introduced only cases for the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ models. The company announced four different cases for the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ models, the Presidio Pro, Presidio Stay Clear, Presidio Grip, and Presidio Clear + Glitter.

Presidio Stay Clear & Clear + Glitter

The Presidio Stay Clear and Presidio Clear + Glitter cases are actually almost identical, the only difference comes to the glitter factor, as the latter case has that glitter effect all over.


Other than that, these are your regular clear silicone cases which come with solid protection. These two cases will not stand in the way of wireless charging, and they do have raised bezels for screen protection.

Presidio Grip

The Presidio Grip case is actually a heavy-duty soft case, which comes in three colors, Black / Black, Graphite Gray / Charcoal Gray, and Eclipse Blue / Carbon Black. This case comes with a pattern on the back and the sides, we’re looking at a number of lines that are cut into the case, and make sure that you have a proper grip on your phone at all times.


The Presidio Grip case has two layers of protection, and protects against drops and scratches, says the company. Its bezels on the front are raised for screen protection, and it can withstand drops from up to 10 feet without a problem.

Presidio Pro

The Presidio Pro is also a soft case, and it comes in two color variants, Black / Black and Eclipse Blue / Carbon Black. This case comes with anti-microbial treatment, which is aimed to prevent the growth of bacteria, while the case itself seems to be quite sturdy.


This case can also withstand drops from up to 10 feet, and Speck says that this case was tested quite a bit before the company pushed it to market. This case offers plenty of grip, and its bezels on the front are raised in order to protect the display.

Other Info & Pricing

All of Speck’s Galaxy S10 cases come with a lifetime warranty, and it is worth noting that all of them are available at the moment, except for the Stay Clear cases for the Galaxy S10e and S10+, they’re still listed as “coming soon”, and the Presidio Clear + Glitter Galaxy S10+ case, as it is not even listed on the website at the moment.


In terms of pricing, the Presidio Stay Clear, Grip, and Pro cases for the Galaxy S10e and S10 are priced at £19.95, while the Clear + Glitter Case costs £24.95. The Presidio Stay Clear, Grip and Pro cases for the Galaxy S10+ cost £24.95, and chances are that the Clear + Glitter case will be a bit more expensive once it becomes available. If you’d like to buy any of these cases, follow the link down below.