Samsung Galaxy S10 H1 Sales To Trump S9 Line: Report

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus AM AH 10

According to a new report from Korea Herald, Samsung is expected to ship out 20 million Galaxy S10 series smartphones in the first half of the year. This report is based on the info provided by the industry sources.

If this ends up being true, the Galaxy S10 series will trump the Galaxy S9 series of smartphones, but not by much. Samsung is expected to ship 10 million handsets in the first quarter, and another 10 million in the April-June period, say Samsung’s parts suppliers.

Now, Samsung managed to ship out 19.2 million Galaxy S9 series devices in the first half of last year, and 35 million in whole 2018. So, if these predictions end up being true, the Galaxy S10 series will sell a bit better, as the company is expected to sell around 0.8 million units more in the first half of 2018.


Having said that, sales for Galaxy S10 handsets for entire 2019 may end up being considerably higher then they were for the Galaxy S9 series in 2018. Samsung managed to hit record-high pre-order numbers in the U.S., while analysts predict that Samsung may end up shipping around 40 million Galaxy S10 units in 2018. Some other sources claim that sales will be a bit lower, between 35 and 38 million units, it remains to be seen, as those sales may end up being affected by smartphones from other companies, and Samsung’s very own Galaxy Note10 handset which is expected to land later this year.

It is also worth noting that Samsung managed to sell around 180,000 Galaxy S10 units in Korea on the first day of pre-orders, which is a 120-percent increase compared to last year, and that is only saying how interested people are in Samsung’s 10th anniversary smartphone lineup.

Even though these sales number may seem high, and Samsung probably won’t complain too much in the process, it seems like the Galaxy S10 series will not be the best-selling in the company’s history (in a single year). The Galaxy S7 series of devices holds that title, as Samsung managed to sell 48.7 million Galaxy S7 units in 2016. The Galaxy S8 an S9 series did not even make it to 40 million, so the Galaxy S7 is by far the best-selling for Samsung.


Samsung had announced its Galaxy S10 series of smartphones on February 20 in San Francisco, and the company had, for the first time ever, introduced four flagships as part of a single Galaxy S series. The company introduced the Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, and S10 5G. The first three devices are available for purchase as we speak, while the Galaxy S10 5G will become available at a later date.

Speaking of which, the Galaxy S10 5G is Samsung’s wild card, some consumers may be holding out to get the Galaxy S10 5G over any other Galaxy S10 model, not only because of its 5G capability, but also because it comes with one extra camera on the back, and it offers a larger display than the Galaxy S10+. Those of you who are into large displays on phones, will be able to get a 6.7-inch curved Dynamic AMOLED display on the Galaxy S10 5G, once the device becomes available.