Galaxy A90, A40 & A20e Arrivals Confirmed By Samsung UK

Samsung Galaxy Logo 2017 AH 4 NEW 1

The Samsung Galaxy A series continues to expand as at least three models from the lineup are now heading for the UK market, according to new landing pages spotted by GalaxyClub and published early by the OEM on its UK portal. The upcoming devices are labeled as Samsung Galaxy A90, Galaxy A40, and Galaxy A20e.

The landing pages are not yet populated so no hardware or design details have been shared by the OEM, but they very much confirm that these three new phones will be released in the UK and possibly other countries across Europe.

The Samsung Galaxy A40 was only recently rumored to be heading for the European market where it’s expected to hit the shelves for €249 ($282) so it appears that these preliminary reports may have been correct.


The Samsung Galaxy A20e is a relatively new entry in the series. It’s said to be identified by model number SM-A202F and launch as a spinoff based on the standard Galaxy A20 which has been linked with the SM-A205F model number.

Samsung already uses the “e” suffix for the brand new Galaxy S10e high-end smartphone, which in itself is a lower-cost alternative to the Galaxy S10. This strongly suggests that the Galaxy A20e will also be a toned-down version of the Galaxy A20 and should fit between the standard version and the Galaxy A10 in terms of both pricing and specifications.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy A90 sits at the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the budget Galaxy A10 and has been subjected to various rumors over the past several weeks, hinting that it may feature a pop-up camera. This would make it Samsung’s first-ever smartphone model to adopt this mechanism popularized over the past year or so by OEMs from China. Outside of the UK, the Galaxy A90 is expected to launch in Belgium at the very least, according to GalaxyClub.


So far the Galaxy A lineup comprises seven models – not counting spinoffs like the Galaxy A20e – and the series should cover a relatively wide market range as far as pricing is concerned. The Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 have already been released in India at the beginning of the month, but there should also be a Galaxy A70 in the works.

All of these models are differentiated more or less by their internal hardware, but one of the things they should all have in common is the drop-shaped display notch at the top of the screen. Likewise, the entire Galaxy A series is expected to be based on Android 9 Pie and as a result, every device should feature Samsung’s new One UI introduced last year.

Time will tell when the Samsung Galaxy A20e, Galaxy A40, Galaxy A90 will launch in the UK, but preparations are obviously being made and there is a chance that these phones will go on sale not long after the Samsung Galaxy S10 series hits the shelves tomorrow.


A timely release would allow Samsung to offer budget devices for prospective buyers who might not be interested in the flagship segment. The OEM could also benefit by allowing its budget series to piggyback on the popularity and hype surrounding its premium phones.