fuboTV Will Now Cost You More, Greater Focus On Bundles

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fuboTV has now raised its entry-level price by $10 while at the same time revamping the plan options offered by the sports-focused live TV streaming service.

At present, only the price increase is showing on the main website on arrival, although the new options become visible once you begin the process of creating an account and reaching the "choose your package" section.

As part of the overhaul, the basic “fubo” plan has been rebranded as the “Fubo Standard” plan and this has seen the price rise from $44.99 per month to $54.99 per month. Other than the price change this seems to be an identical plan with the same access to 85 channels and the same 30 hours of DVR.


Beyond the basic plan, fuboTV also offers an “Extra” plan and although that’s still visible on the front page (priced at $59.99), it’s no longer available once you progress through the sign-up process.

Instead, consumers are now being offered the option of choosing between a "Family," "Entertainment" and "Ultra" bundle.

Previously, the fubu Extra option was priced at $50 per month and for that subscribers gained access to 105 channels as well as the limited DVR access. In other words, for $5 more than the basic plan you got an additional 20 channels.

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The nearest directly comparable plan now is the most expensive Ultra plan. Once again, this one offers up 105 channels but in comparison now costs $79.99 per month.

Even though Ultra is comparable on the channel front, strictly speaking it is not the same plan. As instead of offering a limited DVR experience it now comes loaded with the company’s Cloud DVR Plus feature. This is available separately as an add-on for $9.99 per month and offers up to 500 of cloud DVR instead of the standard 30 hours.


Adding to that, it also bundles in Family Share, SHOWTIME, and Sports Plus as well. All three of these are also available as separate add-ons and at a rate of $5.99, $10.99 and $8.99, respectively.

Basically, fuboTV has removed the baseline fubo Extra plan and replaced it with a version that’s loaded with various add-ons which is why the price has significantly jumped from $50 per month to $80.

The older version of the fubo Extra plan, coupled with these add-ons, would have cost around $85 before and so technically, the new bundled version is cheaper for those looking for the more robust package.


The other two plans — Family and Entertainment — go along a similar path. They are in effect the Fubo Standard plan but with some add-ons included in the higher price.

For example, according to fuboTV the Family package is its “most popular” option (in spite of just launching) and this comes with the same channel lineup, as well as the Cloud DVR Plus and Family Share add-ons. Those adds on cost $9.99 and $5.99 per month extra ($15.98 for both). When added to the $44.99 per month Fubo Standard price the total is $60.97. fuboTV is currently charging $59.99 per month for the Family plan.

The Entertainment plan is pretty much the same deal although the Family Share (the ability to watch on three screens at the same time) add-on has been replaced with SHOWTIME. Again, these two add-ons cost $20.98 per month and when added to the $44.99 per month baseline package price the total comes in at $65.97. fuboTV is currently charging $69.99 for the Entertainment bundle.


At the moment there’s no word on whether existing customers are expected to see an increase in price with the new pricing currently only visible to new customers.

This follows on from the news last week where DIRECTV NOW upped its prices across the board (also by $10) and revamped its plans.

In contrast to these plan changes though, DIRECTV NOW saw the number of channels massively decreased compared to before.


For those looking to get more involved with fuboTV, all the packages detailed here are available with a seven-day free trial.