Fairy Tail Characters Join The Fight In Knights Chronicle On Android

Fairy Tail Knights Chronicle

Often praised RPG Knights Chronicle has plenty to lure in players already, but now, Fairy Tail fans will be seeing their favorite characters joining the fray, with a special event running until March 19. To kick things off, all players new and old will get a free SSR character, being sky dragon slayer Wendy. Naturally, fan favorites Natsu, Lucy, and Erza are on board, along with a topless version of Gray because of course he would be topless.

The event would be sweet enough if you were just able to get the new Fairy Tail characters on your team, but the game takes things up a notch with new content centered around them. That means, of course, that you’ll be able to fight them. Face down Natsu’s impenetrable flames or the terrible might of Lucy’s summons with the Knights Chronicle team that you’ve cultivated since release day, or join the fun as a new player and work your way up in a mad scramble to fight and earn the Fairy Tail guild members before the event ends.

On top of the free Wendy, you’ve got increased odds to get the other characters versus the odds for SSR characters that were already in the game. Even so, given that they’re SSR, their chances are still abysmally low. To offset that, you can head to the “Erza Scarlet Dungeon Adventure”, which is exactly what it says it is. This is where you’ll face down unique content centered around the collaboration, and if you can make it out alive, you’ll have your very own 4-star SSR Erza Scarlet to show for it.


The five Fairy Tail guild members join a cast that already sports some 100 unique heroes, each with their own dialogue, characterization, and story beats. Naturally, they have their own unique skills and growth patterns. The Fairy Tail characters have extremely high attributes and viable skill sets that work well together, so the more of them you have on a given team, the better. They’ll also fit in quite nicely with a team made up of existing characters, though you’ll have to figure out exactly who they team up best with.

The game itself is a turn-based 3D RPG with a massive, deep story, tons of characters, large dungeons to explore, and lots of tough enemies to beat down. The storyline is a high fantasy one, to be sure, so the collaboration with Fairy Tail fits in perfectly. The Fairy Tail characters are also usable in both PvP and live co-op, allowing you and your friends and foes to test their mettle in any number of different strategies and team builds.

This is a huge event, crossing a massively popular and long-running anime with a mobile RPG that has garnered praise from over a million players, as well as the Google Play team. Things like this actually happen all the time, so don’t expect to see this happening change anything. It is worth noting that the Fairy Tail team doesn’t get used often in collaborations like this, so perhaps if this one does well at drawing in new players and getting old ones out of hiatus, you may see Natsu and Gray’s smiling faces in more anime-based games on the Play Store.

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