Amazon Is Shaving $100 Off Of All eero Mesh WiFi Router Bundles Today

eero mesh wifi router deal AH

Amazon, as part of its Gold Box Deal of the Day today, is taking $100 off of all eero router bundles. This means that you can get an eero with two beacons for just $299, and really blanket your home in WiFi. Of course, this comes just a few weeks after Amazon announced it was buying eero.

eero is a mesh WiFi system that will blanket your home in WiFi. It’s actually one of the first mesh WiFi systems out there and has also become one of the most popular. With mesh, you’ll get better WiFi signal, as well as better WiFi speeds, which is why Mesh is being used so often now, compared to signal extenders and repeaters. Those will essentially “repeat” the signal, and thus lower the speed of your network.

The two beacons included in this bundle, can be placed anywhere in your home. If you have a multi-story home, you’ll want to put one on another floor, or near where you are currently getting dead spots. According to eero, this eero and two beacon bundle is great for homes with two to four bedrooms.


You can pick up any of the eero bundles from Amazon using the link down below.

eero Mesh WiFi System - Amazon - $199