Edison Mail Aims To Declutter Your Inbox With "Block Sender" Feature


Edison Software has released a new update for its Edison Mail application, for both Android and iOS, and this update primarily aims to "combat inbox clutter", as the company says. This update brings forth the "Block Sender" feature, which allows you to quickly and easily get rid of e-mail addresses which are sending you e-mail that you want aka spam. The company claims that this feature will block all e-mail and messages from a specific e-mail address, which, in retrospect, declutters your inbox.

The company says that this feature works as expected for universal mail accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, and so on. In order to block an e-mail address, all you have to do is tap the "Block" button in the upper-right corner of your message / e-mail, and then confirm to block the e-mail address. Once you do that, all e-mails from that sender will be sent directly to trash, and you won't have to worry about it. You can unlock an e-mail address you blocked via the Settings menu, of course.

The Block Sender feature is welcomed, of course, though Edison Mail comes with a bevy of really interesting features, as this e-mail app has been around for quite some time. One feature that is worth noting and is closely related to "Block Sender" is "One-tap Unsubscribe", which allows you to unsubscribe from various newsletters with a single tap, no need to visit a third-party website in order to do it or answer a bunch of questions you're not interested in.


Along with the announcement of the "Block Sender" feature, Edison Software also shared some statistics for all of us to check out. According to Edison Mail's 2017 national research on email habits, 78-percent of consumers actually delete an e-mail from people they don't know, while 72-percent of them feel overwhelmed by the number and frequency of emails they receive. 42-percent of consumers have spent hours deleting e-mails they don't want, while 33-percent of them feel stressed out when they receive too many e-mails.

Edison Mail is a really well-designed application which does not clutter up the interface, but it gives you a ton of features that you'd expect out of an e-mail client. The main page in this app actually resembles Gmail, and that's not a bad thing at all. Every part of the app is flat, and e-mails are easy to read.

The app works really well, it's fast, and it comes with a built-in assistant, or as the company refers to it, a "built-in intelligent assistant". Push notifications are, of course, a part of the package, while package tracking feature is also included here. The app also allows you to customize its notifications, such as sounds and vibrations. It is also worth noting that Edison Mail comes with support for Wear OS, just in case you're using a smartwatch based on Google's wearable platform.


This new update with Block Sender feature is rolling out as we speak, though do keep in mind that this is a gradual rollout we're talking about, as with every other app on the Play Store, which means that it may not be available for your device straight away. Don't worry, though, you should be able to update within a day or so. A link to Edison Mail on the Play Store is included down below.

Edison Mail (Play Store)

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