Don't Add HBO To WatchTV: AT&T Will Charge You More Than Everyone Else


If you subscribe to WatchTV, then presumably you want to save some money. After all, WatchTV is a service that's purpose-designed to accommodate those looking to spend less on TV-related content each month.

As you might expect, the downside of this paying less is you get less in return. For example, you only get access to 35+ channels for $15 per month.

What WatchTV subscribers might be unaware of though, is AT&T seems to think it is OK to charge you more for the same services it offers its other customers, as well as customers of non-AT&T competing services.


Take, HBO. This has clearly become AT&T's 'big draw' now and to the point where AT&T recently dropped multiple channels from its DIRECTV NOW plans, as well as upping the monthly cost of those plans, by compensating those customers with access to HBO.

Even if those customers don't have HBO for free, they can access the popular network for $15 per month. Which is now the case for those customers who remain grandfathered into the older, and now retired, DIRECTV NOW plans.

In fact, it is also the case for non-AT&T customers. No matter what phone service you have, what internet service you have, or what TV service (streaming or traditional) you have, you only have to pay $15 per month for HBO. That's how much HBO now costs.


That is, unless you are a WatchTV customer as AT&T charges them $17.99 per month for HBO. Basically, $3 per month more than it charges everyone else and even though you are subscribed to a package to save money.

For reference it's not just HBO either. If you want SHOWTIME, then you can subscribe directly for $10.99 per month or through WatchTV for $13.99. Want Starz? Don't worry WatchTV has you covered as long as you are willing to pay $13.99 per month instead of $8.99 per month directly.

It's the same with Cinemax. Although this is a bit of an exception — as it's not as freely available as the others — AT&T is still charging WatchTV now subscribers $13.99 per month compared to the $10.99 per month it is charging DIRECTV NOW customers. Even that is a bit high to begin with as other live TV services (such as Hulu's option) allows you to add Cinemax for $9.99 per month.


The later point is worth noting as in spite of the likes of Hulu offering Cinemax cheaper than AT&T, Cinemax (like HBO) is now owned by WarnerMedia – which is owned by AT&T.

If you were to add all of these premium channels to your WatchTV subscription you'll find you are paying around $13 per month more than everyone else.

None of this might be that surprising for those who follow AT&T as the company has come under increased criticism recently for its new DIRECTV NOW plans which seem to be designed to ensure profitability is maximized and regardless of how consumers feel about the changes.


Likewise, these prices are not totally new as WatchTV has been charging these rates for the last couple of months. However, if you are in the process of looking for a new live TV streaming service, and even considering WatchTV due to its low price, you would be wise to make sure you only sign up to the baseline WatchTV package and not add any premium networks to the plan.

Otherwise, you will be paying more than you should, and more than everyone else currently is for access to the same networks.