CSR Racing 2 Holds A Second Fast & Furious Collab

CSR2 Fast Furious Trailer

CSR Racing 2 held a Fast & Furious event a while back, and now the popular racing game is partnering up once again with the franchise that brought street racing to the forefront of Hollywood. This one brings in a wealth of new themed content, and gives players that missed the event the first time around a good chance to get the cars that were released then. This long-running event series will take place over a number of time-limited, themed races with specific rewards, leading up to a summer finale that will ultimately roll around to a second season of events.

It all kicks off on March 21st, with the debut of the Hobbs Heist themed race. Content and rewards will obviously be related to series mainstay Luke Hobbs, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. That mode will be available from March 21 to April 4th, alongside The Ice Charger, and Ice Charger Cup, both of which, it’s worth noting, get their start a day after Hobbs Heist. The event takes a break until April 11, when Shaw’s Pursuit opens up. This happens alongside Charging Charger and Charger Cup. They all end on April 25, at which point there’s another hiatus. The finale is relatively short-lived, running from May 25 to June 4.

In between the themed races, there’s plenty of content for Fast & Furious fans to enjoy. Iconic cars, characters, and locations from the series will be making their way into the normal flow of the game, and in many cases, will be available for players to choose, acquire, and keep forever. This applies to both new content, and recycled content from the older event.


All of this is made sweeter by the new content’s availability in AR mode. You can rotate and place cars from the film series in the real world for photo opportunities. Alongside hamming it up with your favorite Fast & Furious vehicles, checking out AR mode can help you find hidden content and Easter eggs tied to event content, meaning that even those who don’t normally take to AR photo mode features should check things out this time around.

Perhaps the best part of this whole event for Fast & Furious fans is that they’ll not only be able to race alongside their heroes and win their cars, the characters will also have their own storylines to pursue that will run parallel to the event content that players can engage with.

The previous Fast & Furious event in this game was a similar affair, and while this one recycles all of that content to give newer or less devoted players another chance at exclusive cars and other content, it also brings in a range of original stuff to sweeten the deal. Even if you managed to nab all of the sweet rides from the last event, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.


A sequel of sorts to this event has already been announced, so it should go without saying that this could mark the start of a long-term or perhaps even permanent partnership between Zynga and the Fast & Furious franchise. Since there’s no word from Zynga beyond a new series of events to debut in June, of course, nothing is set in stone.