Best Of MWC 2019: Samsung Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 Series 01 1

The Galaxy S series returns in the form of the Galaxy S10: The best Android phone you can buy

On the surface, saying Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is the ‘best of MWC 2019’ is unlikely to be much of a surprise. After all, the Galaxy S series is usually the ‘best of MWC’ each year. However, this year the sentiment means far more as the new S series model represents a whole new level for Samsung, and equally as important is how there’s now a model to suit just about everyone.

While Samsung announced the Galaxy S10 ahead of MWC 2019, its presence was very much alive and well during the event. To the point where most phones announced at the event were instantly compared to the Galaxy S10. So regardless of when or where the S10 was announced it is hard to ignore its importance on the event as a whole. For those who managed to visit the Samsung booth in Barcelona, the Galaxy S10 would have definitely have been one of the best phones they saw on the show floor.


Yes, on a superficial level, it comes with a ton of features and specs to match the rest of the best in the market. But that’s nothing new as the Galaxy S line always comes feature-rich and spec-heavy.

What does make the Galaxy S10 so different to its predecessors is the number of models launched with Samsung having now made the S series available in a variety of flavors to better suit everyone, and at every price point.

Those looking for an affordable option will only have to look as far as the new Galaxy S10e. At $750 this is a great option for those wanting a flagship experience without having to pay the usual top-end price.


Otherwise, buyers can choose between the standard or the “+” model and get a little bit more (a lot more in the case of the +) by paying more.

Then there is the Galaxy S10 5G and this is simply the icing on the Galaxy S10 series cake. This one comes with many of the same features as the S10+ and is therefore premium in every respect with the main difference being 5G support.

The next-generation network technology was the big headline at MWC 2019 and many companies were racing to announce their first 5G-ready smartphone. In Samsung’s case, that is the Galaxy S10 5G. A device which comes with all of the premium-level trappings while ALSO landing as a 5G-ready phone.


Variance aside, and keeping with the company’s innovative approach, Samsung already seems to be mostly done with notches. While other companies look for a way to add a notch Samsung has been working hard on the removal of them and this is best seen in the Galaxy S10 series and its use of what Samsung calls an Infinity-O display.

Unlike when notches are in use, Infinity-O displays are cutouts in the display that allow the front-facing camera to be included without infringing on the display beyond the size of the camera. The size of the cutout differs depending on which model is selected, although all of the Galaxy S10 series come with an Infinity-O display design.


Further adding to the all-display experience, and without having to compromise with an awkwardly-positioned sensor, the Galaxy S10 series now also comes with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor beneath the display. That’s with the exception of the 10e model which includes the fingerprint sensor in a side-mounted button.

In truth, we could sit here all day going through each one of the features included with the Galaxy S10 series as we have yet to really even touch on some of the most important features, such as the cameras.

And therein is the reality. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a feature-packed smartphone and comes with enough features to appeal to different buyers. Now, with the choice of four different models to choose from as well, and at varying price points, what is certainly a fully-loaded flagship smartphone is now more readily available, to more people.


This combination of features and availability makes the Galaxy S10 the best Android phone to date and easily one of the ‘best of’ devices showcased at this year’s MWC 2019 event.