Best In-Ear Wireless Headphones You Can Buy – March 2019

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With most smartphones ditching the headphone jack, it’s time to start looking at moving over to Wireless for your next pair of headphones. Sure they bring a few things that wired headphones don’t have – like the need to charge them every so often. But they are also great because they don’t need to be connected to your smartphone.

We’ve rounded up the best in-ear wireless headphones, these are mostly going to be earbuds. These are all available now, not available for pre-order or out of stock (at the time of writing).

Sennheiser HD1


Sennheiser is pretty well-known for its popular headphones, due to the sound quality, and that’s no different here with the Sennheiser HD1. These are some really good sounding headphones, and these are around-the-neck headphones, which gives it more room for battery and better sound quality.

Speaking of the battery, Sennheiser says that you should get around 10 hours of continuous playback out of the HD1. It also has a pretty quick recharge time of about 90 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no quick charging feature included.


Sennheiser uses Bluetoith 4.1 on the HD1, as well as AptX, so you are able to get some great sounding audio over Bluetooth – something that Bluetooth is not really known for.

You can pick up the Sennheiser HD1 from Amazon using the link below, it is currently priced at $118.97 – normal price is $199.

Sennheiser HD1 - Amazon - $118

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones


Bose is another name that is well-known for its audio quality, and that carries onto their wireless headphones. The SoundSport Wireless are a better option than the SoundSport Free, which are the truly wireless models. You’re still getting some pretty incredible audio quality out of these, thanks to Bose’ attention to detail. The mids and highs are still crystal clear, with the bass being pretty boomy but not overpowering.

The Bose SoundSport Wireless will get you around six hours of continuous playback, which isn’t a whole lot, especially compared to others on this list. But it should get you through a workout or two. Bose does offer the SoundSport wireless in a few colors, including black, yellow, blue and red.


Bose makes pairing easy with the SoundSport Wireless. As they can be paired by simply tapping them to your phone, thanks to NFC. It is also sweat resistant, making these great for the gym.

You can pick up the Bose SoundSport Wireless for just $119 at Amazon using the link below.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones - Amazon - $119

Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones


Those that aren’t looking to spend as much money on a pair of wireless headphones, will want to check out the Anker SoundBuds Slim.  These are inexpensive, at around $20, but still offer a great experience.

Sound quality on the SoundBuds Slim won’t be as good as what you’d get with the Sennheiser and Bose headphones above, but it will still do the job. There isn’t as much bass included in the SoundBuds Slim, but the mids and highs are still pretty good.


These are very lightweight headphones, so seeing the battery life rated at seven hours of continuous playback may not be as surprising. The main goal with the SoundBuds Slim was to keep them small and lightweight. This makes them less likely to fall out of your ears while you are running.

The Anker SoundBuds Slim can be picked up from Amazon using the link below, these are priced at $20.99 right now.

Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones - Amazon - $20.99

Sony WI1000X Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones


The WI1000X from Sony are a great pair of headphones, that offer up noise cancellation too. These are some of the more expensive headphones on this list, but they are also the first ones on this list to sport noise cancellation.

These are also around-the-neck headphones, so you are able to get better audio and battery life, due to the extra space. Sony is known for its EXTRA BASS lineup, which the WI1000X falls into. So you’re going to get some really boomy bass out of these headphones. But Sony also does a good job at making sure the bass does not overpower the mids and highs, keeping them crystal clear.

Battery life is decent, coming in at 10 hours of continuous playback. Though the smaller number is due to this being an EXTRA BASS pair of headphones.

You can grab the Sony WI1000X Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones from Amazon using the link below, they are currently priced at $228. 

Sony WI1000X - Amazon - $228

BeatsX Earphones

The BeatsX may not be for everyone, but they do offer up some incredible bass. These are the latest pair of wireless in-ear headphones from Beats. Now while the company is owned by Apple now, that doesn’t mean that its headphones don’t work with Android smartphones – because they do. These still pair over Bluetooth, you just don’t get the added convenience of the W1 chip that Apple has for its smartphones and headphones.

Battery life is about middle of the line, with around eight hours of continuous playback. So you are going to be able to get through a workout or two, but don’t expect these to last through a week of workouts. The BeatsX, like most other headphones on this list, are also sweat proof, so you can take these to the gym and use them to listen to music while you’re working out.

You can pick up the BeatsX from Amazon for just $99 using the link below.

BeatsX - Amazon - $99

Anker Soundcore Spirit X Bluetooth Sports Headphones

This pair of headphones from Anker are slightly more expensive, but do offer up a batter experience, both in terms of audio quality and battery life. Making it a much more worthwhile pair of headphones to pick up. And they are still one of the cheaper options on this list.

The Soundcore Spirit X Bluetooth Sports Headphones offer 12 hours of continuous playback, and also have noise isolation, so you are able to get noise cancellation (sort of). These are also great for taking to the gym, as they are rated at IPX7 for sweat resistance. So you can sweat as much as you want, and these will still work perfectly fine.

Anker uses 10mm drivers on the Soundcore Spirit X, allowing you to get better sounding audio out of these headphones, and also some better bass. Its patented BassUp technology is not included here, however. But it is a much better experience than the SoundBuds Slim.

You can pick up the Anker Soundcore Spirit X Bluetooth Sports Headphones from Amazon using the link below, they are currently priced at $35.99. 

Anker Soundcore Spirit X - Amazon - $36

Sony SP700N Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

For good measure, here’s a pair of truly wireless headphones from Sony for the list. These are perhaps the best pair of truly wireless headphones on the market right now. That is because they do offer some really good sound quality, fit well in the ear and also have decent battery life – compared to other truly wireless headphones.

These truly wireless headphones do hang out of your ears a bit, which may be uncomfortable for some, but they really don’t feel like they will fall out of your ears. The sound quality on the SP700N is also pretty good, these are part of the EXTRA BASS lineup. So the bass is boomy, while the mids and highs are still crystal clear. If there’s one thing that Sony is good at, it is definitely sound quality.

When it comes to battery life, these will last you between four and six hours of continuous playback. If you turn off noise cancellation, it will of course last a bit longer than if it is on. You can put them into the included carrying case and have them charge on the go. The case will charge them for about two cycles before it needs a recharge.

You can pick up the Sony SP700N Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones from Amazon using the link down below. They are available in a few colors, including black, blue, pink, white and yellow. These are priced at $179, but the blue color is $139 for some reason. 

Sony SP700N - Amazon - $179

Wrap Up

In-ear headphones may not be everyone’s favorite, but they are the smallest headphones, making it easier to just toss them into your bag. However, being smaller does come at a cost. Usually in terms of battery life. While these in-ear headphones are mostly all under around 10 hours of playback, over-ear headphones would be over 30 hours of playback. But these are much lighter, and better for taking to the gym, or out on a run, which is important, as you don’t want to feel like you have something heavy on your head while you’re working out.

All of the headphones on this list are great options. Whether you’re looking for something cheaper, or price is not a factor in your decision, there’s something for everyone. Even a pair of truly wireless headphones, which does result in shorter battery life, but not having to deal with any wires is a really big deal. The two options from Anker here are also great pairs of headphones for those that do lose them often, or break them. That way you’re not as upset losing a pair of $20 headphones, versus a pair of $150 headphones.