7 Best DIRECTV NOW Alternatives In 2019


DIRECTV NOW is currently in a transitional state and it seems like that transition might continue to take its toll on user numbers.

The live TV streaming service from AT&T saw a massive drop in users during the last quarter of 2018, and now the company has announced major revisions to the service which not only ups the monthly cost, but also lowers the channel count. Resulting in what many will likely consider to be a lesser product overall – an approach that seems unlikely to help with the service's declining subscriber problem.

If you are considering moving away from DIRECTV NOW then there’s plenty of worthwhile alternatives. Some of the best options to consider right now are listed below and all of these currently come with at least a five-day free trial.


YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the newer entrants to the live TV market and seems to be gaining traction fast. Which is not surprising as the service offers a good blend of entertainment and sports with over 60 channels included in the baseline price.

This is in addition to some neat features such as unlimited cloud DVR and the ability for six family members to have their own account – and DVR.

YouTube TV costs $39.99 per month making it one of the few options that doesn’t complicate proceedings with multiple plans and tiers. It is simple to use, offers good value and a decent channel lineup overall. Although there's not much room to negotiate for those looking for even more content.

YouTube TV Android app (Google Play Store)

Hulu with Live TV

If any live TV streaming service could be said to be in its ascendance, its Hulu’s. Like YouTube TV, Hulu with live TV (+ Live TV) is a newer option compared to DIRECTV NOW but it seems to be one that has massively hit the ground running. Recent figures even suggest it is now ahead of DIRECTV NOW in terms of the actual number of subscribers.

Hulu with Live TV comes with a typical selection of channels (over 60), wide device support (although no Android TV app support at the moment) and costs $44.99 per month. One of the big selling points with this service is that the $44.99 per month also includes access to Hulu’s ad-supported on-demand catalog – an additional saving of $5.99 per month. This makes Hulu's solution a robust option in terms of the amount of content available.

Hulu with Live TV Android app (Google Play Store)

Sling TV

Sling TV has been one of the leaders in this segment ever since it became a thing and one of the areas it has really managed to capitalize on is the price. For example, Sling TV is available in two primary flavors — Orange and Blue — and both plans are priced at $25.


In spite of the identical price point, Orange and Blue do provide access to a slightly different channel lineup and therefore, those looking for the richest experience overall might want to consider the combined "Orange & Blue" package which comes in at $40 per month.

Further adding to its value, Sling TV is nearly always giving away a free device which can help to further enrich the streaming experience in general.

Alternatively, those looking to save the most will be glad to know that right now you can save 40% off the normal price of any plan for three months. This means either the Sling Orange or Blue plan for just $15 per month, or Sling 'Orange & Blue' for just $25.

Sling TV Android app (Google Play Store)


If sports are your thing, then fuboTV is also your thing. As this is a live TV streaming service that places sports at its heart, resulting in what is arguably the greatest selection of sports-focused content of any of the streaming services at this price point.

That’s not to say fuboTV is a one-trick pony though, as the service does also provide a good selection of entertainment channels as well – making it a solid option for those who want a live TV streaming experience with some additional sports seasoning.

fuboTV is available for $44.99 per month and in return you’ll get access to 85 channels. Alternatively, you could opt for the $49.99 “Extra” package which ups the channel count to 105.

fuboTV Android app (Google Play Store)

PlayStation Vue

Sony fans may want to consider opting for PlayStation Vue. This is the company’s live TV streaming solution and offers a plan to suit many different users and budgets. Arguably, this is one of the more expensive options on this list as the baseline plan starts as $44.99 per month for limited access and rises up to $79.99 per month for the most robust option.

With PlayStation Vue you do get what you pay for as the most expensive “Ultra” plan is full of content with not only 85 channels on offer, but also premium networks like HBO and SHOWTIME included in the price. These networks are available with most of the other services on this list but you do have to pay additional monthly costs to access them.

Also, in spite of the branding, there’s no need for users to own a PlayStation device as the service can be accessed on a wide range of devices through the corresponding platform apps. In addition, PlayStation Vue comes with multiple account support and a fairly decent DVR experience.

PlayStation Vue Android app (Google Play Store)


Philo has managed to carve out its own section of the market by ensuring it is extremely value-oriented making it a great option for those looking for a low-cost live TV experience.

To put the price into perspective, Philo only costs $16 per month for access to 44 channels. This can also be upped to 57 channels by paying $20 per month instead.

Granted, some of the channels might not be as premium as some of the other options on this list, but neither is that price and you might just be surprised at what channels are included in a package as affordable as this one.

Philo Android app (Google Play Store)


Ironically, if you are in the process of cancelling AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW service you might want to consider switching to AT&T's WatchTV service.

Like Philo, WatchTV is aimed at those looking for a simple and basic live TV experience and so it is not weighted down with expensive tiers or a wide selection of channels and features.

Put simply, WatchTV offers access to 35 channels, as well as a good selection of on-demand content, for just $15 per month.

WatchTV Android app (Google Play Store)