Arlo Ultra Finally Goes On Sale For $399, After Numerous Delays

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Arlo has finally announced the availability of the new Arlo Ultra – its 4K, wire-free security camera. It will be available this week at most major retailers, for $399. That is for a single camera. A two-pack will be $599 and it goes up from there. Each purchase includes a one-year subscription to Arlo Smart Premiere

The Arlo Ultra is the first security camera in the world to be both 4K and wire-free. Nest has a 4K camera, in the Nest Cam IQ, but it is not a wire-free camera, and must be plugged in. Arlo has been the king of wire-free security cameras, and with the Ultra, it is taking it a step further.

Arlo Smart Premiere is included for a month with the Ultra. This is the company’s subscription service that uses AI and vision learning to decipher what are people and what is the motion it sees when it is recording. So that it knows whether or not the person it is seeing is someone it should be seeing, or if it should alert you. It will also be able to keep up to 30 days of video clips stored in the cloud for you, in case you do need to access them later on.


Typically, Arlo Smart Premiere is priced at $119.98, so getting a year for free is a nice gesture. Now if you don’t want to store these clips in the cloud, there is still a micro SD card slot available, so users are able to store video clips offline. Remember that these are 4K clips, so they are going to take up plenty of space on the micro SD card slot.

Arlo Ultra provides a 180-degree field-of-view, which is pretty impressive. It’ll be able to watch your entire front-yard, so you can have peace-of-mind that your home is safe and sound. With a lens that can deliver 4K resolution and also have night vision, it’s going to make it easier to zoom in and see who’s out there even at night. On other smart home cameras, which are 720p or 1080p, when you zoom in, often times you lose a lot of quality. Making it hard to decipher who the camera is seeing. With 4K, that’s not a problem, because you have a lot more resolution to work with. While 4K may sound like overkill, it actually works really well in this instance.

Like many of its other cameras, the Arlo Ultra is weather-resistant and of course wire-free. This makes it the perfect camera to put outside. As you won’t have to worry about running wires, and of course, it is also weather-resistant. So Mother Nature can throw everything at this camera, but it won’t matter.


As mentioned the Arlo Ultra is available now, with a price of $399. It does come with the base-station, so if you do not own any other Arlo cameras, this is the one you’ll want. But if you do own another Arlo camera, then you likely have a base station already, and the add-on camera drops down to just $276. Making it a much more palatable price.

Arlo Ultra - Amazon - $399