Protect Your Home With Two Arlo Pro 2 Cameras & Siren For $338 – Amazon Deals


Amazon has dropped the price of a two-pack of Arlo Pro 2 home security cameras – which comes with the base-station – making it just $338 right now. This is a really good deal, seeing as these cameras usually go for almost $200 each. And these are wire-free, so you can place them outside if you wish.

These are the Arlo Pro 2, which is the newest camera from Arlo. These feature better battery life, as well as better image quality. Arlo says that the battery will last around six months on a charge. How is that possible? Well the camera is not recording 24/7. It is only recording when it senses people or motion. So you aren't going to miss someone trying to get into your home, but you also aren't recording a bunch of dead air. Which makes perfect sense.

Arlo is compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can bring the live stream up onto your TV or Echo Show.


These cameras are weatherproof and can be used outside. Arlo includes a few different mounts for you to use to mount these. Since they attach to the mount via a magnet, it makes it super simple to remove them to recharge the batteries. But they can be placed virtually anywhere, without worrying about running cable.

You can pick up this two-pack of Arlo Pro 2 cameras from Amazon using the link below.

Arlo Pro 2 & Base Station - Amazon - $338