Annke's 5-in-1 Security Camera Systems Available On Amazon With 1TB HDD


Annke has plenty of security camera systems to offer, and if you're looking for one, some really compelling ones are listed on Amazon. We're here to focus on two separate offers from Annke, both of which include everything you need from camera security systems, it's an all-in-one package, basically.

Annke 8 Channel 3MP 5-in-1 Security Camera System

The first product on Amazon is the 8 channel 3MP 5-in-1 security camera system from Annke. As part of this package, you will get a DVR, plus four FullHD security cameras which are weatherproof. These cameras are placed in a metal case, and a 1TB hard drive is also included in the package. This is the variant with PIR detection, though a variant without PIR detection is also available, same goes for additional two variants that you can check out via the link down below.


In any case, the variant with PIR detection can shoot 1080p footage, while PIR detection minimizes false alarms. Night vision is available here as well, so you shouldn't worry about this system working properly during the night, at all. If the cameras detect a break-in, you can set this system up to start the "flashing white light alarm", in order to warn off intruders. That light will help Annke's cameras to get some proper shots of the intruder, including its face.

This camera system also comes with H.265+ video compression, while you can set it up to send you instant alerts to your phone, via Annke's Vision app that is available for Android. These cameras can operate in extreme temperatures, so you should not worry about the weather. They can operate in all conditions between -40°F and 140°F. Annke's 8 Channel 3MP 5-in-1 security camera system with PIR detection is priced at $259.99 on Amazon.

Annke 8 Channel 3MP 5-in-1 Security Camera System (Amazon)


Annke 8CH Wireless Camera System

The second security camera system package includes wireless cameras, we're looking at Annke's 8CH fullHD camera security system here. These are also 1080p cameras, and they have excellent vision during nighttime up to 100ft, thanks to their Night Vision capability (smart IR). This package also includes a 1TB hard drive.

Annke's 8CH wireless cameras come with advanced H.264+ video compression, which will save you space on the hard drive. Annke claims that installing these cameras is quite simple, and that they're capable of sending you e-mail alerts and / or notifications on your phone once they detect an intruder or a motion that is out of the ordinary. You will need to install Annke's Vision app, though.


These are cameras for outdoor use, and you do not need to worry about rain, snow or anything of the sort. This wireless camera system is priced at $289.99 on Amazon, and you will be getting four cameras as part of it, including a hard drive, and a wireless access point for the cameras. If you'd like to purchase this wireless camera system, a purchase link is included down below, and are two different packages you can choose from on Amazon, the 8CH one we talked about, and the 4CH one that is a bit more expensive at $339.99.

Annke 8CH Wireless Camera System (Amazon)