Pricing For Annke's 4K Video Security Systems Starts At $279.99


Earlier today, we talked about two of Annke's surveillance setups each of which includes a DVR, and now we're back with two additional surveillance systems that you may be interested in. These two surveillance systems are a bit more expensive than the ones we talked about earlier, but that's because they're a bit more advanced.

5MP HD IP67 Cameras And 8CH Ultra HD 4K H.265+ DVR And Camera System

The Annke 5MP setup is the first surveillance system we're here to talk about, and unlike 3MP setup, this setup actually brings cameras that can record 4K footage. This setup comes in two variants, the first variant includes four cameras and a DVR, while the second one includes eight cameras and a DVR. A hard drive is not included, but you can get a 1TB one from Annke as part of your order. The variant with four cameras will cost you $279.99, while the one with eight cameras is priced at $429.99.


Needless to say, 4K footage is superior to a fullHD one, and you'll get extreme clarity with this camera setup. H.265+ video compression is included in this package, while "Smart Motion-Triggered Alerts" are also a part of the offering. You can mark out the relevant areas for motion detection if you want, and Annke's camera will pay attention to those areas only.

Once you hook this setup up to Annke's application, you will be able to get in-depth control over your setup, while this system can also send you snapshots and app alarm pushes if you want. USB 3.0 port is included with the setup, while the EXIR Night Vision is a part of the package as well. These cameras can see in the dark up to 30 meters without a problem.

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5MP Ultra HD Camera With H.265+ PoE Network Video Security System

The second 5MP 4K surveillance system is more expensive than the first one, as this is a PoE Network Video Security System, as Annke calls it. This security system also comes in variants with both four and eight cameras, though it's currently out of stock on the company's website, but that will hopefully change soon.

This surveillance system comes with cameras that are meant to be mounted on the ceiling, though you can put them on a wall as well. The pricing for this surveillance system starts at $419.99, and there are plenty of features that it offers. H.265+ video compression is included, while the company says that the installation is a breeze.


A single Ethernet cable is needed to transmit video signal and power the camera at the same time, so you won't need to mess around with a power adapter on top of that. "Smart Motion-Triggered Alerts", as Annke calls them, are available here as well, same as with the setup we've mentioned earlier. EXIR Night Vision is available here as well, and these cameras are IP67 certified, as they are "weatherproof", says Annke. These cameras can withstand extreme temperature from -22°F to 140 °F.

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