Android Phone Users Might be Losing 10GB Per Month To Online Fraud

Privacy Cyber Security AH Nov AH 2019

Telcos seem to be in an overly generous mood due to the dynamics of the market and also the recent tariff war. In India data has been flowing for free. In such a case where the users have a significant amount of data in their possession, they are unable to follow the consumption pattern. However, when 10GB of data disappears mysteriously, one might take notice of it.

It has come into notice only last month that Android users might be susceptible to losing mobile data. Not only this, but it might also be draining their phone battery. As per several experts, a fraud advertisement might have consumed data of millions of Android users and is having an effect on the battery life of the device, too. As per the report, this code is known as DrainerBot and without the knowledge of the user; it downloads gigabytes of advertisement video on the smartphone of users through apps which had been infected by the bot.

Research has stated there are hundreds of apps on Android that have been downloaded over 10 million times and had been affected by the fraud. The ad fraud caused by the bot has taken up over 10GB of added data every month.


The code of the bot had been tracked back to Tapcore, a Dutch company. However, it has completely denied knowing anything about it. They have also stated that they are going to launch an internal investigation regarding the matter.

As this had been done through the apps that are available on Google Play Store, Google is also known to have blacklisted the apps which had been marked by the researchers. However, they have to say that there are still some apps which still exist on the Play Store.

The researchers have done their part and provided a list of things that you have to be aware of when it comes to this fraud. They have to say that you need to check if the phone is getting hot and your phone battery is draining pretty quickly even when the phone is not being used heavily.


Moreover, you need to see if after you download some apps or an app, there has been an increase in the usage of data. In such a case, the fraud bot might be at work. If you notice that your smartphone has become sluggish or your apps are crashing every now and then, there is a chance that the bot is at work.

You might think about downloading an app that is related to CFD and will help you to know what is a CFD. Even in such a case, you will have to follow the instructions given above, to save data, as well as your phone battery. Do not download apps from any other websites as this might not be secure for your phone. Any kind of unethical apps might damage your phone and cause you to go through a lot of hassle.