Amazon Discounts Many Of Its Most Popular Echo Products, Up To $40 Off


Amazon is currently discounting a number of its Echo products, in what is actually a pretty rare move. Amazon typically only discounts its Echo products for special events or for holidays.

Starting things off is the Amazon Echo Dot, this is getting a $10 discount right now, dropping down to just $40. That is not its all-time low, but most likely the lowest price we will see until Prime Day in July. The Echo Dot is a pretty small smart speaker, it does offer some decent sound quality. But the big selling point of the Echo Dot is Alexa. There is a better deal though, if you bundle the Echo Dot with the Amazon Smart Plug, you get the Smart Plug for free, as the bundle is still $39.99.

There is also the second-generation Echo Plus that is priced at $119.99, which comes with a free Philips Hue bulb. So not only are you getting a free bulb, but you are also getting $30 off the regular price. The Echo Plus does double as a hub, so you won't need the Philips Hue Bridge to use this bulb. If you are building a smart home, this is the one to get.


Finally, there is the 10-inch Echo Show, and that is discounted $40. Like the Echo Plus, this also comes with a free Philips Hue bulb, and is available for the Charcoal and Sandstone colored models. This is Amazon's smart display, which many believe is better than Google's mainly due to the very impressive speakers on the back.

You can pick up the Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show from Amazon using the links below.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Amazon - $39.99 Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) - Amazon - $119 Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen) - Amazon - $189